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Night at the Opera, A - 1935 Movie Quotes

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The Raven You're willing to pay him a thousand dollars a night just for singing? Why, you can get a phonograph record of Minnie the Moocher for 75 cents. And for a buck and a quarter, you can get Minnie. (full quote)
The Raven And now, on with the opera. Let joy be unconfined! Let there be dancing in the streets, drinking in the saloons, and necking in the parlor. (full quote)
The Raven Woman): I've been sitting right here since 7:00. Man): Yes, with your back to me. When I invite a woman to dinner I expect her to look at my face. That's the price she has to pay. (full quote)
The Raven Of course. That's why I'm sitting here with you. Because you remind me of you. your eyes, your throat, your lips. Everything about you reminds me of you...except you. How do you account for that? If she figures that one out she's good. (full quote)
The Raven Henderson): what's this? Otis B.): That's the fire escape, and that's a table, and this is a room, and there's the door and I wish you'd use it. (full quote)
The Raven We are sure that the familiar sounds of Verdi will come back to you tonight and Mrs. Claypool's cheques will probably come back to her in the morning. (full quote)
The Raven Otis B.): Have you got any stewed prunes? Steward): Yes, Sir. Otis B.) Well, give them some black coffee. That'll sober them up. (full quote)
The Raven Henderson): You live here by yourself? Otis B.): Yes... just me and my memories. Henderson): I see the table is set for four. Otis B.): That's nothing - my alarm clock is set for eight (full quote)
34215 G - Then there's the insanity clause. C - I thought there was no sucha thing as sanity clause (full quote)
34821 Hey. You can't fool me. There aint no Sanity clause. (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1- You live here all alone? #2- Yes. Just me and my memories. I'm practically a hermit. #1- A hermit! I notice the table is set for four. #2- That's nothing. My alarm clock is set for eight. That doesn't prove a thing. (full quote)
10929 Alone. (full quote)
10929 Let me see that...Nine dollars and forty cents?...If I were you I wouldn't pay it. (full quote)
10929 I saw Mrs. Claypool first. Of course, her mother saw here first, but there's no point in bringing the Civil War into this. (full quote)
10929 --Never in my life have I received such treatment. They threw an apple at me. --Well, watermelons are out of season. (full quote)
10929 --Do they allow tipping on the boat? --Yes, sir. --Have you got two fives? --Yes, sir. --Well, then you won't need the ten cents I was gonna give you. (full quote)
10929 --I forgot to tell you, I can't write. --Well, that's all right, there's no ink in the pen anyhow. (full quote)