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Monkeybone - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Hey,get you're fat ass out of my face! (full quote)
  DIVE! DIVE!! DIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (full quote)
  DIVE! DIVE!! DIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! (full quote)
  The girl I love is stuck with a monkey that looks like me.what a lucky girl! (full quote)
  The girl I love is stuck with a monkey that looks like me.what a lucky girl! (full quote)
  Stu:The girl I love is stuck with a little monkey that looks like me. Kitty: what a lucky girl! (full quote)
  Monkeybone: This is livin'! (full quote)
  Monkeybone: This is livin'! (full quote)
  Stu Miley: Sorry, Kitty. I'll be right back after I choke my monkey! (full quote)
  Stu Miley: The woman I love is living with a little monkey that looks like me. Kitty: what a lucky girl! (full quote)
  We've got BIG PLANS for that body of yours!!!!! (full quote)
8487 Monkeybone: I'm tired of being a figment! (full quote)
8487 1) Where am i? what's wrong with my neck? 2) You broke it! You're an organ donor! 2) Hey, those are our organs! Get back on that slab! 1) I need this body! Stay back! Back! I've got a....? 2) That's a bone saw! 1)Yeah! (full quote)
  Where's my body!? You mean my body! Crap! We're dead! (full quote)
  Let's not disturb the nice reaper. (full quote)
8487 I'm crying but i can't cry tears cuz i'm all dried up! (full quote)
8487 1) get in the pack 2) get in the pack? 1) yes, get in the pack now, you bastard! (full quote)
8487 1)so you said what you wanted to say while you were up there? 2) yes-all why i was decomposing! (full quote)
8487 1) hey stu here's an idea for this body! How about joint custody? I have it weekeds..... 2) Shut up!! (full quote)
8487 um, excuse me, i hate to interrupt this love-fest here, but my little bladder is about to burst! (full quote)
8487 This is bitchin'-good cake. (full quote)
8487 Hey you may be safe during the day, but when your asleep, your monkey ass is mine! (full quote)
8487 I'm sorry for my appearance! Oh please please please don't call the cops!!!! (full quote)
8487 I look like an idiot! (full quote)
8487 Stu: The girl i love is living with a horny little monkey that looks like me. Kitty: what a lucky girl! (full quote)
8487 1) Did you sleep with my girl? 2) Sleep with her? We did the whole Kama Sutra twice! (full quote)
8487 Hey excuse me! That's our corpse! We've been chasing it around town all afternoon. (full quote)
8487 Head surgeon) the organs are fine and in even better condition than we thought! (full quote)
8487 This is my refrigerator, where i freeze and chill my food. This is my oven, where i cook my food. And this is my dining room, where i eat my food! (full quote)
8487 1)Where's my body!? 2) You mean my body! 1) Crap! We're dead! (full quote)
8487 I'd love a stiff one, but Stu here forgot to endow me! (full quote)
8487 Here, have another, I'm dead! (full quote)
8487 10 on da monkey! 10 on da monkey! (full quote)
8487 MONKEY number!!! MONKEY number!!! (full quote)
8487 1)I left my number in your undies 2)ROWWWWWWRRRR!!!!! (full quote)
  1) Monkeybone? Back in the pack. 2) Stu? 1) Back in the pack! 2) Back in the pack?? 1) Yes, back in the pack now, you bastard!! 2) Back in the pack? With the smelly gym socks and moldy cheese sticks? No! I am never getting back in that gaddamn pack! I'm really tired of being a figment. It's boring work. Don't i have a right to a body? 1) Not my body!! (full quote)
  1) So Stu!! How was she? 2) She was...she was beautiful. All the while i was decomposing. (full quote)
  1)look, he won't let us leave. 2)who? 1)the monkey! (full quote)
  1) Did ya bring that nightlight i asked for? 2) Oh, King, you pussy!! 1) Bite me, Poe!! (full quote)
  (persom 1 makes wierd grunt-like noises in his throat) 2) What's wrong 1) I'm crying too. I just don't have any tears left. I'm all dried up! (full quote)
  Excuse me while I go choke my monkey (full quote)
8487 1) Who are you and why did you say those things? 2) Doc, it's all a big mix-up. I was in the Land of Death, he stole my exit pass, and that's how Monkeybone got my body. See, all they had left me was this stinking corpse! 1) Thank you. (starts to walk away) 2) No! Doc, don't walk away! He's only here to get peoples' nightmares! In the dream! They were about to pull the plug. I called out to you, and you heard me, remember?! 1) (walks back over to 2) Don't lie to me. Is-is it you? 2) I had to come back, Julie. I had to give you this. (pulls the engagement ring from his pocket) I meant to give it to you the night it happened. (slips the ring onto 1's finger) I was happy, Julie. I really was. Try to remember me like that, OK? And not like this. 1) (crying, noticing 2 making wierd sounds in his throat) What's wrong? 2) I'm crying, too. I just don't have any tears. I'm all dried up! (full quote)
8487 1) That's not how we do it in Monkeyland. In Monkeyland, we rub our bottoms together. 2) You heard the man! Get your asses on that table! (full quote)
8487 Damn you, dead man! (full quote)
8487 1) Ugh! There's a pig gut in here! (to Herb) How much is McDonald's offering? 2)Less. 1)(to burger reps)You've got yourself a deal! (full quote)
8487 He gets an exit pass? That old geezer? That decrepit old fart? (full quote)
8487 Don't lie to me. Is it really you? (full quote)
8487 1) Don't worry. I'll protect you. 2) Oh, look at you- Xena: Warrior Princess. (full quote)
8487 Well, that's worth knowing. (full quote)
8487 We welcome you to Downtown, and while you're in your coma, this cheap and cheerful place, will be your home-sweet-home-a! (full quote)
8487 Oh, yeah? Than what's her birthmark look like? (full quote)
8487 OK, smart-ass. Are you ready to cooperate this time? (full quote)
8487 You know, without him, you're a tad vanilla. (full quote)
8487 1) Doc! Don't do it! He's not Stu! He's Monkeybone!!! (1 gets dragged away by a security guard) 2) Julie, what did that jerk just call you? 3) (somewhat stunned and confused) He called me 'Doc'. (full quote)
8487 Ladies and gentlemen, pay no attention to the naked man with the purple face. (full quote)
9937 Be right back, i have to go choke my monkey (full quote)
13453 1) Excuse me, Death. I hate to break up this love fest, here. but my little bladder is about to burst. I mean it I REALLY GOTTA GO!!! (full quote)