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Cecil B. DeMented - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
9058 Death to Hollywood Cinema! (full quote)
  raven: hi im a satanist and im going to do your makeup. my god. you're so pale (slaps her) sorry, satan says you need color. (full quote)
12153 Demented forever!!! (full quote)
12153 Power to the people! Punish bad cinema! (full quote)
12153 your Hollywood system stole our sex and co-opted our violence; there's nothing left for our kinds of movies. (full quote)
12153 O Andy Warhol! We worship you from the new cinema underground. Help us to use our sexual frustration as you did for the future of outlaw film! (full quote)
12153 Please don't shoot me! I don't even go to the movies! (full quote)
12153 I walk out of your films on airplanes! (full quote)
12153 I used to have soooo many problems in my life before I found drugs, now I just have one problem. Drugs have made my life so focused. (full quote)
12153 I am a prophet against profit! (full quote)
12153 I am Cecil B Demented, the enemy of family film! Family's just another word for censorship! (full quote)
12153 what? Pasolini's playing - and we sold no tickets? (full quote)
12153 When I was 10 my whole family fucked me under the Christmas tree. As I heard my grandpa shout 'Jingle balls!' I cried out, 'O Santa, why hast thou forsaken me!' (full quote)
  Oh Andy Warhol, we worship you from the new cinema underground. (full quote)
  This time I have a fucking vision. (full quote)
vanilla Lyle: Before I became a drug addict, I had so many problems. Now I just have one-- Drugs! It's given my life real focus. (full quote)
  patch addams doesn't deserve a directors cut, the first one was long enough (full quote)
EtniesRTheDevil I can't stand that certain thickness in his pants. I'M ASHAMED OF MY HETEROSEXUALITY!! (full quote)
EtniesRTheDevil Tell me about Mel Gibson's dick and balls!!! (full quote)
  Make good movies or die! (full quote)
  I'm straight...and I hate! (full quote)
  My scalp is burning! (full quote)
  Cecil: I am Cecil B. Demented and this is a fucking kidnapping! (full quote)
  Satan says you need more color. – Maggie Gyllenhaal/Cecil B. Demented/2000 (full quote)
10929 Demented forever! (full quote)
10929 Death to mainstream cinema! (full quote)
10929 I'm a prophet against profit. (full quote)
10929 Principal photography has been completed! (full quote)
10929 Technique is nothing more than failed style. (full quote)
10929 I am ready for my close-up, Mr. Demented. (full quote)