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Hurricane, The - 1999 Movie Quotes

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4788 1)Not all white people are racist. 2)And not all black people are murderers (full quote)
  Hate put me in here. Loves gonna bust me out!!! (full quote)
  You cant keep people back that refuse to be kept back. (full quote)
5422 We're only leaving this place if you're coming with us. (full quote)
5422 1. Mr Carter, would you like a picture of you and your son? 2. Well that's up to him. (full quote)
  Oh, I'll always be the hurricane, and the hurricane is beautiful. (full quote)
  You can't break me cause you didnt make me (full quote)
  your a bitch go suck yourself (full quote)
10929 Twenty-five cents? Must not be much of a book. (full quote)
  I have committed no crime, crime has been committed against me. (full quote)
  I farted and my mom smelled it. She thought that it smelt so good that she would rpae me. then I pooped in my dogs mouth and he bit off my dick. I wish you could have been their to see it. (full quote)
  For valentines day: your a flamer, go fist yourself. (full quote)
  hump em and dump em (full quote)
  i served time in a house of justice and yet there was no justice served for me (full quote)
  Any 2 will do? (full quote)
  I'll always be Ther Hurricane, The Hurricane is beautiful. (full quote)
  Sometimes small doors open to large rooms (full quote)
  I didn't even speak english, I spoke hate. (full quote)
  I am the Hurricane, Denzel, Rubin, Malcolm and everything else...i am not a man (full quote)
  this site is stupid (full quote)
  My name is Riley Grenon, i loved the short movie Penis, fabulous cinematography (full quote)