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Magnolia - 1999 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4191 It would seem that we're through with the past, but it's not through with us. (full quote)
  Bottom line, language. The single key to unlocking the female analytical mind. (full quote)
4717 I really do have love to give, I just don't know where to put it. (full quote)
4717 Now that I've met you, would you object to never seeing each other again? (full quote)
4717 It's not going to stop 'til you wise up. (full quote)
4717 You cocksucker! Isn't that what you used to say? (full quote)
4717 1) I used to be smart. Now I'm just stupid. 2) Shall we drink to that? (full quote)
4717 Because me and my brothers, we like to celebrate. And on the first of May, we celebrate V-day. And come June, oh baby! It is the lick of my spoon! Come August, we like to celebrate St. Suck My Big Fat Fucking Sausage! (full quote)
  I will not apologize for who I am! (full quote)
  Respect the cock, and tame the cunt. (full quote)
  1) Shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up! 2) Let me call you a car Linda. 1) No you must really shut the fuck up, now, please, shut the fuck up. (full quote)
5570 My name is Donny Smitts and I have lots of love to give (full quote)
5435 I just told you who did it, and you weren't even listening. (full quote)
  I am quietly judging you (full quote)
7300 It is not a crime to mistake children for angels (full quote)
7372 No, it is not dangerous to confuse children with angels! (full quote)
11858 And it's not dangerous to confuse childern with angels (full quote)
  And there is the account of the hanging of three men... and a scuba diver... and a suicide. There are stories of coincidence and chance... and intersections and strange things told... and which is which and who only knows? And we generally say, 'Well, if that was in a movie, I wouldn't believe it.' Someone's so-and-so met someone else's so-and-so and so on. And it is the humble opinion of this narrator that strange things happen all the time. And so it goes, and so it goes. And the book says, 'We may be through with the past, but it ain't through with us.' (full quote)
13945 1: What are you doing? 2: I'm quietly judging you. (full quote)
13945 I sometimes confuse melancholia with depression. (full quote)
13945 I'll tell you everything, and you tell me everything, and maybe we can get through all the piss and shit and lies that kill other people. (full quote)
15645 This is something that happens... (full quote)
15645 Oh, FROGS are falling from the sky (full quote)
  I'll be good to you...I'll be Goddamn good to you. (full quote)
  I don't even know no 'loud crash'. (full quote)
16156 It would seem that we're through with the past, but it's not through with us. (full quote)
  But it did happen. (full quote)
jamescantspell Hi I'm Frank T.J. Mackey, Master of the Muffin. (full quote)
25270 Sometimes people need to go to jail. And sometimes people need to be forgiven. (full quote)
25270 I will drop kick those fucking dogs if they come near me. (full quote)
9011 There are stories of coincidence and chance, of intersections and strange things told, and which is which and nobody knows; and we generally say, Well, if that was in a movie, I wouldn't believe it. (full quote)
Priscilla Young Pharmacy Kid: Strong, strong stuff here. What exactly you have wrong, you need all this stuff? Linda Partridge: Motherfucker... Young Pharmacy Kid: What are you talking about? Linda Partridge: Who the fuck are you, who the fuck do you think you are? I come in here, you don't know me, you don't know who I am, what my life is, you have the balls, the indecency to ask me a question about my life? Old Pharmacist: Please, lady, why don't you calm down -- ? Linda Partridge: Fuck you, too! Don't call me lady! I come in here, I give these things to you, you check, you make your phone calls, look suspicious, ask questions! I'm sick! I have sickness all around me and you fucking ask me about my life?! What's wrong? Have you seen death in your bed? In your house? Where's your fucking decency? And then I'm asked fucking questions. What's...wrong?! You suck my dick! That's what's wrong! And you, you fucking call me lady?! Shame on you! Shame on you!! Shame on both of you! (full quote)
  Respect The Cock....tame the cunt (full quote)
  i lost my gun today. i am not a good cop. (full quote)
Penster Respect the cock and tame the cunt (full quote)
10929 I used to be start, but now I'm just stupid. (full quote)
10929 --I'm sick! --Stay that way. (full quote)
10929 Now that I've met you, would you object to never seeing me again. (full quote)
10929 I'll tell you the greatest regret of my life: I let my love go. (full quote)
  I've got my lasers, I've got my tasers, I've got my I.C.B.M. missles (full quote)
  When the sunshine don't work, the good Lord bring the rain in! (full quote)
  ....And know it's not dangerous to confuse children with angels. (full quote)
  The goddamn regret The goddamn regret! And I'll die Now I'll die The biggest regret of my life... I let my love go What did I do? The fucking regret What did I do? What did I do? (full quote)
4717 1) You deserve to die alone for what you've done! 2) But I don't know what I've done. 1) You should know better! (full quote)
10929 Save me. (full quote)
10929 Build That wall. (full quote)
10929 Driving sideways. (full quote)
10929 You Do. (full quote)
10929 Momentum. (full quote)
10929 Wise Up. (full quote)
10929 Nothing Is good Enough. (full quote)
QuadCityRockNRoll How come every word you use is either cocksucker, shitballs or fuck? (full quote)
33944 [Tagline]__ Things fall down... people look up... and when it rains, it pours (full quote)