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Phone Booth - 2001 Movie Quotes

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16541 The caller: If you have to ask, you're not ready to know yet. (full quote)
16541 The caller: Come on, Stu! Don't you get the game yet? (full quote)
16541 The caller: Isn't it funny - you hear a phone ringing and it could be anybody. A ringing phone has to be answered... doesn't it? (full quote)
16541 The Caller: Do you see the tourists with their video cameras, hoping the cops will shoot you so they can sell the tape to Goriest Police Shoot-outs? (full quote)
16541 Capt. Ramey: whatever you do, don't look up. (full quote)
16541 The caller: You're in this position because you are not telling the truth. Stu Shepard: I'm in this position because YOU HAVE A GUN! (full quote)
16541 The caller: He's beginning to get on my nerves. (full quote)
16541 Felicia: Oh no, you didn't! You just fucked up my dick hand! (full quote)
16541 Capt. Ramey: Who are you on the phone with? Stu Shepard: My psychiatrist. (full quote)
16541 Stu Shepard: The first step to being noticed is being mentioned. (full quote)
16541 Stu Shepard: My two-thousand dollar watch is fake, and so am I. (full quote)
16541 Stu Shepard: You can see me right now? The Caller: Uh-huh. Stu Shepard: What am I doing? [Stu scratches himself] The Caller: You're scratching your ear. Now you're brushing your hair back. [Stu gives the finger to the windows in the buildings around him] The Caller: That isn't very nice, Stu. Stu Shepard: Did you call me Stu? Who's Stu? I don't know any Stu. The Caller: Why, do you prefer Stuart? (full quote)
16541 Stu Shepard: I never did anything for someone who couldn't do something for me. (full quote)
16541 The caller: Say you wanted to fuck her! Stu Shepard: I wanted to sleep with her. The caller: Say you wanted to fuck her. Stu Shepard: I wanted to fuck her. (full quote)
16541 [The Caller cocks his gun] The Caller: Now doesn't that just torque your jaws? I love that. You know like in the movies just as the good guy is about to kill the bad guy, he cocks his gun. Now why didn't he have it cocked? Because that sound is scary. It's cool, isn't it? (full quote)
16541 The caller: This is exciting. You get to choose between them. Kelly. Pam. BAM BAM! (full quote)
16541 The caller: This is exciting. You get to choose between them. Kelly. Pam. BAM BAM! (full quote)
16541 The caller: Wait till it goes national. ABC, CBS, CNN, UPC, you're gona have the whole alphabet. (full quote)
16541 Stu Shepard: [to 'Corky'] Get outta here before I call Hillary and have you deported to New Jersey! (full quote)
16541 [Stu is not answering The caller] The caller: Stu... my sainted mother used to do this... She used to... Ahh! Please, don't do this... You're bringing back my unhappy childhood... Talk to me, please! Talk to me! I can't take it... Ahh! [The caller laughs] The caller: I'm just kidding with you Stu. I actually had a very nice childhood. (full quote)
16541 The caller: Well, there is someone I'd like you to call. Stu Shepard: Name it. The caller: Try the number you dialed when you first got into the booth. [Stu laughs nervously] Stu Shepard: I don't know what you're talking about pal. The caller: No? Lucky you then, because I wrote it down. I can see every number you pressed. Let's see if Pam is still at work. Stu Shepard: No! The caller: Then I guess I'll have to do it. Stu Shepard: Look don't! The caller: Too late. It's already ringing. I'll put her on speaker so you can hear. Stu Shepard: Yer fucking kiddin'! The caller: Stu, I never kid. (full quote)
16541 Stu Shepard: So you'd just whack me for no particular reason? The caller: Oh, I've got plenty of reasons. And you keep giving me more. (full quote)
16541 Stu Shepard: I've been something I'm not for so long, and I'm scared you won't like what's underneath. But here I am, just flesh, blood, and weakness... (full quote)
16541 The Caller: If only you had dealt with the man decently, this might not have been necessary. Stu Shepard: But... I offered him money. I offered him my watch... The Caller: But not your respect which is what he really wanted. (full quote)
16541 Stu: You shoot a gun here there'll be pandemonium, cops will be swarming all over the block The caller: You think so? Let's see... [fires gun and shoots a toy robot next to the phone booth - no one notices] The caller: Oh Stu, look at everybody... Look at all the people yelling, Stu, here come the cops, sniper on the roof. Gunfire. Hit the deck. (full quote)
16541 [The caller phones Stu's girlfriend Pam] Pamela McFadden: Hi, who's this? The caller: It's a good friend of Stu's. And he hasn't got many. Pamela McFadden: You know Stu? The caller: I know he lies. (full quote)