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Just Visiting - 2001 Movie Quotes

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  1) Master, I have to peepee 2) Ah, you have to pee? Go outside! 1) But sire, the wolves will eat me! 2) Then take a torch (full quote)
  My name is Andre de la Petite, I have big balls and I breathe fire out of my ass 2) that must hurt (full quote)
  1) I will hang you by your feet, servant! 2) No, no master! Not the feet! I prefer the thumbs. (full quote)
  Night! Day! Night! Day! (full quote)
  It was the wine! If he prefered white, he should have said so! (full quote)
  (repeated line) STUPID PEASANT!!! (full quote)
  your French relatives are bathing in the toilet. (full quote)
  Damn English wizards. Can't do anything right. (full quote)
  I am eating this very good meat and vegetables in a very fine sauce . . . I will shit easy tomorrow. (full quote)
  [1] He must run after us. [2] Oh no, let him get in the car [3] I have very good shoes [4] -laughs- Can you go 60? (full quote)