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Vertical Limit - 2000 Movie Quotes

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  Ten thousand sperm, and you were the fastest? (full quote)
14310 Use your axe!!! (full quote)
26297 I like boys, I like girls. They're all great. There's no difference, is there? Mr. BBC (full quote)
13284 Up there you're not dying, you're already dead! (full quote)
6948 (Guy bending over with his head between his legs) Female: What are you doing? Male: I'm kissing my ass goodbye. (full quote)
6948 1)What are you doing? 2)I'm trying to kiss my ass goodbye. (full quote)
MovieFreak Major Rasul: It's the best tea. It's Indian tea, of course. We may be at war with India, but there's no reason to overreact. (full quote)
MovieFreak Cyril Bench: One hundred thousand sperm and you were the fastest? (full quote)
MovieFreak Skip: Don't mind her. She's French-Canadian. Some days she's Canadian. Can be quite pleasant. Today she's obviously French (full quote)
MovieFreak Peter: Can you climb? Monique: Peter wants to know if I can climb! Skip: Worst I ever seen. Couldn't climb a ladder. Peter: You're that good, huh? Monique: Yes... But it was a very tall ladder. (full quote)
MovieFreak Tom McLaren: Are you going to kill me now? Elliot Vaugh: Yes. (full quote)
10929 Get some sleep. (full quote)