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Volcano - 1997 Movie Quotes

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13284 1. Mike, it's Chief Sindalar on the line, he would like to speak with you. 2. Take a message. 1. You want me to tell the Chief of Police that I gotta take a message? 2. Yeah, tell him i'm slightly busy right now! 1. I think that's the issue that he wants to discuss with you, sir. 3.(on phone) What the hell's he doing? Public Works is sending a crew in! 2. Those guys are idiots, he knows that. 3. Tell him we got procedures here, tell him he's not in Kansas anymore! 1. You're not in Kansas anymore, Mike. 2. St. Louis, I'm not in St. Louis. 2.(repeating) St. Louis, he's not in St. Louis. 3.(yelling) I don't give a shit where he's not! (full quote)
13284 Paracutin, 1943, a Mexican farmer sees smoke coming out of the middle of his cornfield, a week later, there's a volcano a thousand feet high, there's no history of anything until it happens, then there is! (full quote)
13284 1. That lake was 62 degrees yesterday, today, it's up to 68. 2. It's a sunny day. 1. It is lovely, isn't it? Mr. Roarke, takes a geological event to heat a million degrees of water by six degrees in twelve hours. (full quote)
13284 1. Hey, officer! How about getting us a ride back to civilization please! 2. You gonna come out or what? This our hood! 3. You wanna calm down and tell me what this is all about? 2. You wanna get outta my face? 3. Hey, if I'm in your face, I'm gonna know it, right bro? 2. Huh, right! (full quote)
13284 I'm about to become the Volcano version of Rodney King! Roll the tape, fellas, you all got this, huh? (full quote)
13284 1. You looked real comfortable sitting on my desk, talking on my telephone. 2. Yeah, it was like I belonged there or something! 3. I thought he had the week off! 2. Yeah, it's that Midwestern work ethic, you know. (full quote)
13284 1. You all right? 2. Great, is it too late to switch jobs with Emmett? 1. He doesn't want your job, he wants mine, Gator! 3. Yes, and a company car, Mike, please don't forget that. (full quote)
13284 1. Hey, Councilman, your people in our district want us to clean our houses and to watch their kids, but if we have no cars, how are we getting to work? 2. These buses run every ten minutes. 1. How would you know? (crowd agrees) 2. How do I know? I know this. Every time this line gets extended, there's blasting, it's dangerous, it's noisy! 3.(protesting with sign) Nuke the whole city, nuke the whole city! (full quote)
13284 1. What do you think? 2.(admiring new apartment) Wow! 1. Three years, four banks, 100 million dollars but the doors are now open. 2. I am so proud of you honey, you never gave up. 1. You didn't let me. Here's how I see our future. We move into this penthouse and you transfer to Cedars which is right down the block. 2. Norman... 1. I don't want my wife treating gunshot wounds, I want her treating tennis elbow. 2. Great, finished? 1. Hardly, this is only the beginning. (full quote)
13284 1. Oh, this is so stupid, the city is finally paying for it's arrogance. 2. Which particular arrogance is that? 1. Building a subway under ground that is seismaccaly active. 2. It was the foolish man that built his house upon the sand. 1. Matthew 7:26, favorite among geologists. (full quote)
13284 1. Kelly, the eggs are ready! 2. Hello, I already told you, I don't eat in the morning! (1. spills the hot eggs on the floor) 1. Max, clean that up. (dog eats the mess as 1. gets cereal) 1. Kelly, corn flakes are ready! (full quote)
13284 1. Listen up, people, I want all department heads in Roark's office in exactly 5 minutes. 2. That's a really cool hat there, Emmit. 1. Oh, thanks a lot, that's funny because your wife rolled over, she said the same exact thing to me this morning. (full quote)
13284 1. It's just a couple of sentences, maybe a question or two. 2. Then you do it. 1. When the ground moves, they wanna hear from a seismologist, not a pencil pusher. 2. You don't understand, if I go out there, i'm gonna throw up. 1. I don't think that's gonna send the sense of calm they're looking for. (full quote)
5240 1. Oh, it is so you, Mike, to blow off vacation for a little tremor. Vacation means you DON'T come in! 2. If a dam breaks and the mayor calls, I don't want you saying Roark went fishing! 1. No, see, the mayor's in Aspen, we don't pull her off the slopes for a 4.9, besides, I'll cover for you. (full quote)
5240 1. Roark? 2. No, this is Emmit. 1. where's Roark? 2. He's not in yet. 1. I'm gonna be delayed, my damn car's stuck behind my damn gate, because we have no damn power! (full quote)
13284 1. You're not happy unless you're declaring an emergency, are you? 2. No, actually, I enjoy motor sports, music, and the company of close friends, sir. 3. 30,000 people think they're taking the train home tonight, what am I supposed to do for them? 2. Put on extra buses. 3. It's HIS mess, let him take the shit for it. (full quote)
10929 I gave that woman my child, she gave me this card. (full quote)
10929 I love L.A. (full quote)
  No one gives a shit about San Fransisco! (full quote)
  listen Man, Not even Moses could re-route this shit! (full quote)
  She looks like......look at their faces, they all look the same. (full quote)