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28 Days - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
1212 I don't feel fine. (full quote)
2946 I am having a bad day! (full quote)
  Oh my God, look at my package! (full quote)
4358 Confront me if I don't ask for help... (full quote)
4358 That's not what your neck sign says... (full quote)
4358 I hafta pick just one? (full quote)
4358 Santa Cruz (full quote)
uglystars You make it impossible to love you. (full quote)
uglystars Just so you know, I wasn't trying to off myself or anything. (full quote)
uglystars 1. It feels better. 2. Better than what? 1. Everything else. (full quote)
uglystars You watch Santa Cruz? You Santa Cruz-watcher! (full quote)
uglystars They're from my agent. He's trying to psych me out. (full quote)
uglystars So... what's wrong with your balls? (full quote)
uglystars Don't ever be someone's slogan, because you are poetry. (full quote)
uglystars make love, not war. (full quote)
uglystars It's the engine that kills ya, not the caboose. (full quote)
uglystars Sometimes you have to kiss ass before you can kick it. (full quote)
uglystars And now... Santa Booze! (full quote)
uglystars Chocolate. Heroin addict. (full quote)
uglystars 1. How old are you, 12? 2. Seventeen. (full quote)
uglystars I'm late cuz my tits caught on fire. (full quote)
uglystars But, oh, my tiny clusters! (full quote)
uglystars Andrea, I love ya, bon voyage, but I'm not kissing Gary. (full quote)
uglystars If you're not havin' fun, what's the freakin' point? (full quote)
uglystars 1. I'm sorry I make it so impossible to love me. 2. You make it impossible not to love you! (full quote)
uglystars Equine therapy. (full quote)
uglystars Lady, if I KNEW the name of the cake store, I wouldn't have asked. (full quote)
uglystars Don't worry, I'll replace it. (full quote)
uglystars what am I gonna do, curl my tongue to death? (full quote)
uglystars Here's 5 dollars, I don't plan on cleaning all week. (full quote)
uglystars Come to Papa! (full quote)
uglystars what do you go to first? (full quote)
uglystars 1. You know, if your counselor catches you smoking you could get in big trouble. 2. I don't plan on discussing it with him. 1. Too late. (full quote)
5168 1:Is That real Leather 2: Yes 1: not plastic 2: Nope 1: you believe in killing animals 2: yep 1: for clothing 2: absolutely (full quote)
  Don't be someone else's slogan because you are poetry. (full quote)
4358 what are you like 12, or something? (full quote)
4358 You can keep your drugs and your whiskey sours. We got us a higher power! Yay, God! (full quote)
4358 Lady, the people out there are addicts. They need cigarettes like the need air! (full quote)
4358 God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...the courage to change the things I can...and the wisdom to know the difference. It works if you work it. It's worth it! (full quote)
4358 Tell ya what. Here's five dollars. I don't plan on cleaning all week. (full quote)
4358 Geerally people come to rehab not to get loaded. (full quote)
4358 Oooh, is that available stitched on a pillow or something? (full quote)
4358 1-For driving drunk, crashing into a house, knocking over a lawn jockey that could've been a 4-year-old child! 2-Yeah but it wasn't. It was a 4-year-old lawn jockey... (full quote)
4358 Man, this is not a way to live, this is a way to die... (full quote)
4358 You know, your carpet is filthy. And uh, I only bring that up 'cause ah, carpet grit's responsible for a lot of major health problems. And that's the last thing you need around here. (full quote)
4358 Uh hey, listen, about the uh, about that uh jail thing...I, I, I can't. I can't uh go. Uh, uh, no-not because I don't want to go, but...uh, it uh, oh God my hands, you know it's like they just keep doing that. That's not normal. I just, there's something wrong with my hands, ih, well with me, because, uh, what kind of a person jsut jumps out of a, what kind of a person just jumps out of a window, you know? Because she can't sit still, you know? And be alone, and, you know, in a room know a person should be able to just be alone right? You know, human beings should be able to just breathe. I can't breathe. And I feel that, I think, I know, that if , if I go to this, you know, I'll die, and, and, I don't wanna die. (full quote)
4358 I don't think you have niceness. You see, I don't feel niceness coming from you. (full quote)
4358 Oh that'd be a great idea. You can spread your negativity further. You know, if you really try, you could ruin the experience for the entire patient population. (full quote)
4358 Hey! Daniel! I am having a bad day! I am having the worst damn day of my whole damn life! So if it is not too much to ask of you people...will you just back the fuck off?! (full quote)
4358 Oh so our therapist today is a very large, smelly beast of burden. (full quote)
4358 All right, look, Cornell, just give me a pill, gimme me a shot, gimme a, I dunno, gimme a lobotomy, gimme... (full quote)
4358 Right, 'cause instant gradification has worked so well for you in the past... (full quote)
4358 I am so tired by the way you people talk, you know? (full quote)
4358 A jackhammer? On Saturday? He should be castrated! (full quote)
4358 Saturday...Oh God. Oh God, it's Saturday. Get up! Get up! (full quote)
4358 Oh my God, what did we do last night? (full quote)
4358 Oh the usual. Collected money for the poor little homeless children of the church bazaar. I think the vicar must of spiked the Kool-Aid. (full quote)
4358 Fast and alive. Alive, all right? The alive part is incredibly important in this case. (full quote)
4358 Thank God for bar cars! (full quote)
4358 She has absolutely no sense of humour, but she's really good at telling time. (full quote)
4358 I am so sorry. There was a water main break and the train got stuck in Rye. An electrical thingy. And just, explosion,- (full quote)
4358 Cake store. Cake store. Cake store. (full quote)
4358 Lady, if I knew the name, I wouldn't have called you, okay? (full quote)
4358 They think I'm chanting, they have a whole 'nother thing coming. (full quote)
4358 Together, we're better! We're better together! Nooooo Drugs! (full quote)
4358 Oh, glass. In case I slit my wrists. I get it. An eyelash curler. what am I gonna do with that? Stab myself? Curl my tongue to death? (full quote)
4358 Like the stuff you were doing to get in here was real brain food. (full quote)
4358 Oh um, what's your drug of choice? Alcohol, cocaine, Percodan, heroin, glue? (full quote)
4358 what's the matter? Haven't you ever seen a trach scar before? Hum? It's a tracheostomy, okay. It's not some growth. It's not a deformity. It's a scar. So you can stop staring at it. (full quote)
4358 Don't worry about Daniel. He's just all self-conscious about that neck thing because he did it to himself. He had this thing at night where he'd actually pump his own stomach so he wouldn't get a hangover. I guess he knew how, because, you know, he's a doctor. Or was. He lost his license after he killed that patient, but...anyway, I guess one night while he was scraping that tube down to his stomach...somehow he screwed up and he couldn't breathe and he had to poke a hole in his throat with a pen or something... (full quote)
4358 You know, in the world of philosophy that's called a tautology. Something is what is it because it is what it is. Why is the sky blue because it reflects the ocean. Why is the ocean blue because it reflects the sky. That kinda thing. (full quote)
4358 'One day at a time' what is that? I mean like 2, 3 days at a time is an option? I don't need the Romper Room bullshit. I just need -- what are you doing? (full quote)
4358 Lemme get this screw up, and then I'm suppose to drop everything in my life? (full quote)
4358 Yeah but...I dunno, I mean 'Well how did he ask?' 'Well, he came down to visit me in rehab and...' (full quote)
4358 I don't need any more stories. I have enough stories. I would, I would like a life... (full quote)
4358 Nobody gets hurt collecting coins. (full quote)
4358 I thought Gwen was a lesbian. (full quote)
4358 Was it sunset? Sunset by the lake is very romantic. (full quote)
4358 Was it sunset? Sunset by the lake is very romantic. (full quote)
4358 Oh Charm Blossom, you know this really isn't necessary, lining up the mail like some sort of bar graph to show the relative fullness of everyones lives. I know my life is empty, okay? (full quote)
4358 So what's wrong with your balls? So to speak... (full quote)
4358 I bet you can't sit still and be quiet for one minute. (full quote)
4358 I understand. Marry a cute girl, more to the suburbs...spend your weekends mowing. You'll never wanna do coke again! (full quote)
4358 Get an ambulance. He has meligloma astrocytroma. (full quote)
4358 A tiny little cluster of brain tumors. (full quote)
4358 Sometimes I like to read. You know, literature. Stuff like that. (full quote)
4358 To Lily...and her little sucker! (full quote)
4358 Yeah Lily, how does it make you feel? (full quote)
4358 This is just, this is -- I don't need this, I have a life. (full quote)
4358 Great. Another thing I suck at. (full quote)
4358 I dunno. The mating habits of African ants. I dunno. The striped thing. (full quote)
4358 Well, you know, it might sound funny to you, but that's all wrong. (full quote)
4358 You gotta think about the little thing, you know. The things you can control. (full quote)
4358 When you get all locked in on the strike zone, next thing you know is it's looking about the size of a peanut. And you're thinking, you're thinking 'Damn I gota get that li'l ball in there.' You've psyched yourself right out of the game. (full quote)
4358 The strike zone, the call, the count, the batter, all that, forget all that... (full quote)
4358 That is a strike in any country. (full quote)
4358 1-Folks, the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavious over and over again, expecting different results. 2-Thank you. (full quote)
4358 Once we all leave, we have needs that are going to need to be filled by people, physically, at, and when, can we do that?--Not how, just when? (full quote)
4358 I like those spider plants, but you know, whatever turns you on... (full quote)
4358 Why? So I can recount the last 15 disgusting years of my life to humiliate myself? No thanks! (full quote)
4358 1-Pills. 2-Booze. 3-Coke and sex. (full quote)
4358 Come on, there's 20 minutes left 'til curfew. Come on, let's go get some ice cream. Satisfy that sugar craving of yours. (full quote)
4358 Oh! I got an eyelash. make a wish! (full quote)
4358 So just um, just ah--think ah, think Meryl Streep. Think Cry In The Dark. Remember? 'Dingo stole my baby. A dingo stole my baby!' (full quote)
4358 Look, I know people's perceptions of girls who screw other girls' boyfriends. I know the world's perceptions on somebody who goes into a bar and realizes 5 hours later that I've left my 3-year-old godson in the back of the car. I mean, people don't like people like that. I don't like people like that. (full quote)
4358 Those are just things you've done, not who you are. People make mistakes, you know? Who you are is just fine. more than fine. (full quote)
4358 I was looking for you. Successfully, as it turns out. (full quote)
4358 1-Jasper, don't be a jerk. 2-Gwen, don't be a slut. (full quote)
4358 I feel sorry for all the plants in here. (full quote)
4358 I'm just trying to make my outsides match my insides, I guess. (full quote)
4358 I just need help! Right now! (full quote)
4358 Are we all fixed now? (full quote)
4358 I did not kill this plant. It was sick or something. (full quote)
4358 I can control the little things. Then I just have to let go, and it's up to someone else. (full quote)
4358 Sir, I can't replace the plant just because you've killed it. (full quote)
4358 I am a pain in the ass. (full quote)
4358 I never asked for help, so... (full quote)
4358 I'd rather be dreaming than living. Living's just too hard to do. (full quote)
4358 I should have helped you with your homework. (full quote)
4358 Andrea's 'one more time' was what killed her. (full quote)
  1- Oohh! An eyelash, make a wish! 2- For my foreskin back. No one asked me when they took it, they just took it. (full quote)
  I'm never going to get laid. (full quote)
  gwen- hi....cake store....i need a cake store operator- do u know the name of the cake store? gwen- look... if i knew the name..... y would i be calling u? (full quote)
  1.) Ya know believe it or not I can make this decision on my own, I dont need your help. 2.) Thats not what your sign says. 1.) Oh forget what my sign says. (full quote)
  1.) He brought champaghn? 2.) I didn't drink it, I threw it overboard. 3.) Thats not a very cool guy to bring you booz to rehab. 2.) He just doesnt understand what I'm doing here. (full quote)
  1.) Hey Ann, guess what? What, are you not talking to me now? ...... omg what are you doing? Give me this 2.)She didn't come. 1.) your mom? 2.) I did my hair. 1.) Maybe she had work or something. I have to go tell someone this is ver serious... 2.) NO! THEY'LL TAKE ME TO PHYCIATRIC! Nooo!! 1.) Alright, ok..... 2.) Just to let you know I wasnt trying to off myself. 1.) OK. 2.) Its just something I do sometimes. 1.) Doesnt it hurt? 2.) It feels better. 1.) Than what? 2.) Everything else. (full quote)
  1.) Give it to her. 2.) OMG! You guys, this is the soap I watch. You watch Santa Cruz? 3.) You surprise me. 4.) I only work every 5th day, what else am I going to do with my time. (full quote)
  I just need help, right now! (full quote)
  1. Hey Daniel, welcome back. *rubbing his arm* 2. Get a room. 1. Omg, a joke! Its a miracle. Dan, can I talk to you for a minute, I need your help. 3. Sure. 2. Use a condom. 1. Ahhh another one! Two jokes in one day! (full quote)
  1) You're about as perceptive as Helen Keller! 2)Actually Helen Keller was very perceptive... 1) Oh shut up!! (full quote)
  Ya know the definition of insanity is repeating the behavior over and over and expecting the same results (full quote)
  Insanity is defined as doing the same behavior over and over again and expecting different result (full quote)
  i'd rather be dreaming than living living's just too hard to do it's chances, not choices noises, not voices the day's just a thing to get through living's just too hard to do dreams may be pretend but at least dreams end and i just can't stop thinking, you see thoughts are small comfort to me (full quote)
  Sometimes you gotta kiss ass before ya kick it. (full quote)
  How you like them apples (full quote)
  Oh, so our therapist today is a large, smelly beast of burden. (full quote)
  1:Do you always use sarcasm when you're uncomfrotable? 2:That depends,do you always use insites to disarm your new recrutes? (full quote)
  I would wish for my foreskin back. Nobody asked me before they took it. (full quote)
  Jeremiah was a bullfrog...he was a good friend of mine... I never understood a single word he said, but he helped he drink my wine, singing joy to the world, all the boys and girls, joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me, if i were king of the mountain, i's tell you what I'd som I'd throw away, all the cars and bars, and make sweet sweet love to you... (full quote)
  Heres 5 dollars that will pay off not cleaning for the rest of the week (full quote)
  Lady if i knew the name of it then i wouldnt have called u, okay! (full quote)
4358 A day's just a thing to get through... (full quote)
4358 The only thing I ever told you was what a pain in the ass you were. (full quote)
4358 Ninety meetings in ninety days. (full quote)
4358 My God, she's alive. Gwennie's back in action! (full quote)
4358 You hate normal people. (full quote)
4358 I'll buy running shoes. We'll take up yoga or jogging. You know, we'll be organized. Pay our bills, floss our teeth. We won't set fire to the apartment anymore. I'll buy a goldfish, and we'll be like normal people. (full quote)
4358 Turkey. Meant to be symbolic of my behavious last time we saw each other. I tried to track down some roasted asshole, but... (full quote)
4443 1.) I thought Gwen was a lesbian. 2.) I'M NOT A LESBIAN!!! (full quote)
4443 !. I always thought Gwen was a lesbian. 2. I AM NOT A LESBIAN!!! 3. It would be ok if you were, you know. (full quote)
5026 Even a pain in the ass needs someone to take care of them. (full quote)
5352 1) I thought Gwen was a lesbian . 2) I'M NOT A LESBIAN ! 3) Be ok if you were you know . (full quote)
5352 So... what's wrong with your balls? So to speak ? (full quote)
5352 Look I don't know how much money I have in my bank account , but it's all yours if I could just bum one of those cigarrettes off you . (full quote)
5352 1) Just remember : God never dumps more on us than we can handle 2) Ooh is that available stiched on a pillow somewhere ? (full quote)
5352 1) You know most people come to rehab to get away from drugs. 2) Yeah well , I try not to run with the pack . 1) Oh yeah , you're a real individual : You're the only person in the world who does drugs and alcohol . (full quote)
6149 There's a time that you can share, that you can hold hands and be on the same path...but there's always a fork in the some point...and sometimes you have to go on one part of the fork and they got to go on the other part of the fork...or just down the back part of the fork while you go forward, and they're like...or they got a salad fork and you have one of the big dinner forks and you have longer to go and they're like done...because that's it...they're stuck on a piece of food...or a dessert forkā€¦or like one of those, you know, small little shrimp forks and crab forks and you're trying to get out a crab...they're like that and your over here jumping to the huge serving fork or something like that...or a ladle, you know... (full quote)
7040 You make it impossible to love you. (full quote)
7250 Im having a bad day, so would you please back the f**k off! (full quote)
7779 youre about as perceptive as hellen keller (full quote)
9193 Just remember, God never dumps more on us then we can handle (full quote)
9193 Look Betty, You've got to get me a new room mate. I mean this guy stinks. I don't know if his been eating beef and his secreating beef t-tones (full quote)
9442 Oh, an eyelash.../Make a wish./ Sobriety./Aw, c'mon, everyboy wants that./Okay then, my foreskin. Nobody asked me if I wanted that. (full quote)
9841 Oh my God, look at my package! (full quote)
9841 Well, forget that, Mr. Rogers, you 12-stepping geek. what do you know about me? Nothing, you don't know a goddamn thing. (full quote)
9841 I'm Evelyn, don't you recognize the hat? (full quote)
9841 Well, that leaves me in favor of saying, pardon me sir, but I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't sleep with my fiancee. (full quote)
9841 Well, not all of us can be perfect, but some of us can try. We all know that grown-ups have to make compromises, and Lily is very, very grown up. So that's what she did. She said, is Andrew the very best man for me, on this earth? No! And I mean no! She says, hey I'm not getting any younger, and he makes a hell of a lot of money, so I'll marry the little sucker! To Lily! And her little...sucker! (full quote)
12817 Even a pain in the ass needs someone... (full quote)
beekers And I have this dog and I don't even think he likes me! (full quote)
13776 Folks - the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior, over and over, expecting different results. (full quote)
16093 1)You know, if your counselor catches you smoking you could get in big trouble. 2)I don't plan on discussing it with him. 1) Too late. (full quote)
19064 1: You're about as perceptive as Hellen Keller. 2: You know, if you think about it, Hellen Keller was pretty perceptive. (full quote)
19782 No human adult is happy. They know that they only have so long to believe that life is just dandy before something horrible happens... Life equals loss. The whole point of the game is to minimize the pain caused by that equation. (full quote)
23438 Gwen: Yeah, I know I drink a lot, I know I do because I'm a writer and that's what I do, I drink. I'm not like those people out there, I can control myself! I can, if - that - if I wanted to, I could, if I wanted. I can! I can! (full quote)
23438 Cornell: Yeah, you're an individual. The only person in the world who uses drugs and alcohol. (full quote)
23438 Jasper: Everybody hurts everybody; it's the human condition! (full quote)
23438 Jasper:Well of coursre you don't feel fine, you're in deliverance country surrounded by a bunch of sober freaks! (full quote)
23438 Jasper:Well of course you don't feel fine, you're in deliverance country surrounded by a bunch of sober freaks! (full quote)
23438 Oliver: Well, it's not a very cool guy to bring you booze in rehab, huh? (full quote)
vanilla I am having a bad day! The worst damn day of my whole damn life! If its not too much to ask; will you all just back the fuck off! (full quote)
24481 Drunk men stagger drunk men fall, drunk men swear and thats not all, quite often they will urinate outdoors, like widowed women grown men weep, like children curled up drunk men sleep, like a dog a drunk will crawl around on all fours. (full quote)
24986 1) what do you mean you're out of cigarrettes?! You can't be out of cigarrettes 2) I'm sorry but we're all out 3) Lady, people out there are addicts, ok. They need cigarrettes like they need...air! 4) Well I guess that explains it. Gum? (full quote)
24986 We carry our own bags here this isn't the Sheraton. (full quote)
24986 Oh and we chant here. Don't be put off by it- is just that some people prefer it over the 'serenity prayer' (full quote)
24986 1) Look I'm cooking here. I have people coming over 2) Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean- 3) No you don't, Gwen. You never mean anything.....I have to...have to go.. (full quote)
24986 Oh that's right you sang 'Lean on Me' about 20 times, it's the cheesiest song ever, my bad, then you must know about leaving rehab better than anyone. (full quote)
24986 You ruined my wedding (full quote)
24986 That was a nice little moment there, where are you going? (full quote)
24986 I mean she shows up, drunk, stumbles through the entire ceremony and then in front of my new in-laws and my friends...she gives this speech... (full quote)
24986 I love afternoons like these. The only thing missing is a Martini with an olive at 3 in the afternoon. God I miss that. (full quote)
24986 Gwen C! your bed wasn't made, your clothes were all over the place- I'm giving you an F for daily inspection and fine you a dollar. So pay up. (full quote)
24986 You know, you're lucky you didn't break anything. It'll be swollen and tender for awhile. Unfortunately, you're going to have to live with the pain because I can't give you anything. (full quote)
24986 This isn't a way to live. This is a way to die. (full quote)
24986 Hi e'rbody........ (full quote)
24986 1) I don't like what's happened here....2) you want to... put some 'feel' words in there 3) I'm pist! (full quote)
24986 1) so what's the deal, am I out? 2) well, it'll take me a day to make your transfer- 3) I know where I want to go...there's a rehab center in the city that- 4) I'm not referring you to a new treatment facility 5) I get to go home? (full quote)
24986 Oh and you think that your memory of that day is somehow better than mine? (full quote)
24986 It's just a table stupid, leave it alone! (full quote)
24986 you want to know how I feel, Gwen? How I always felt around you?....Small...I don't know, maybe it was that 'mom' thing. Even when she was a mess, the whole world noticed have that. And I guess, I thought you knew that. When I went back home, I started thinking....that maybe you don't know that, about yourself. Who would've told you, not me....the only thing I ever told you was what a pain in the ass you were... (full quote)
24986 Uh-huh, you know you're screwed... (full quote)
24986 1) Can I help you? 2) Eddie Boone, checking in... 3) You can't bring a girl into treatment with you, Eddie. 4) I wasn't going to keep her. (full quote)
24986 1) Have your bags packed & ready by tomorrow morning 2) No I'm not, cause I don't belong in jail. I don't even belong in here...yeah, I know I drink a lot, that's because I'm a writer and that's what writters do. I'm not like those people out there I can control myself. I could if that's what I really wanted...I could. I can.....I CAN! (full quote)
24986 1) where are all the celebrities? 2) Oh, there aren't any. 3) This is re-hab, you would think it had celebrities... (full quote)
samantha mcneil There's a time when you can share and you hold hands and be on the same path. But there's always a fork in the road... at some point. And sometimes you have to go on one part of the fork and they gotta go on the other part of the fork. Or just down the back part of the fork while you go forward. And they're like *sigh* Or they got a salad fork and you have one of the big dinner forks and you have longer to go but they're like done because that's it, they're stuck on a piece of food, that they *sigh*. A desert fork or like one of those, you know small little shrimp forks or crab forks and you're trying to get out a crab. They're like that and you're over here jumping to the huge serving fork or something like that, or a ladle, you know. (full quote)
danwho 1:i killed the plant...(crying) i killed the plant.. 2:its ok you still have your dog. 1:i dont even think he likes me... (crying)...(sniff)..what are you doing here its so good to see you (full quote)
33899 Don't be someone else's slogan, because you are poetry. (full quote)
anne benoit This is Eddie, he's a patient here, he's from Oklahoma (full quote)
anne benoit Gwen don't be a slut (full quote)
anne benoit good-bye Jasper (full quote)
anne benoit Gwen, leave the horse alone (full quote)
anne benoit You make it impossible to love you (full quote)
anne benoit Cake store, cake store, cake store (full quote)
anne benoit We carry our own bags here, this isn't the Sheraton (full quote)
anne benoit Oh, and we chant here (full quote)
anne benoit your gateway drug? Whatcha go for first? (full quote)
anne benoit 1) You know if your counselor catches you using you can get kicked out of rehab 2) Well I don't plan on discussing it with him 1) Too late (full quote)
anne benoit Hi, my name is Cornell and I am a drug addict, alcholic, compulsive gambler slash compulsive liar (full quote)
anne benoit You know you're screwed (full quote)
anne benoit Just break open the bread (full quote)
anne benoit You're mine, I'm yours. I love you (full quote)
anne benoit What's wrong with your ball?, so to speak. (full quote)
anne benoit 1) what are you saying, you trying to snort me? 2) Yeah, maybe (full quote)
anne benoit It says in the script were supposed to kiss (full quote)
anne benoit Don't call me pal, I'm not your pal (full quote)
hayhay7 If your not having fun what's the freakin' point. (full quote)
RamsGirl11 You watch Santa Cruz? You Santa Cruz-watcher! (full quote)