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Seed of Chucky - 2004 Movie Quotes

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39286 Tiffany:You know what my mother told me about dirty girls?You can always smell it on girls who sell it. (full quote)
39286 Tiffany:Oh,by the way Miss Tilly could I have an autograph?I'm a big fan. (full quote)
  chucky:what am I suposed to do with this? (full quote)
  Chucky: Come to papa (full quote)
  Friends until the end, remember (full quote)
  I could have played Erin Brokovich. And I could have done it without the Wonderbra (full quote)
  Will you shut up about your mother? God, I killed that bitch 20 years ago and she still won't shut up! (full quote)
  Tiffany: Oh, I will be in Jennifer Tilly's body, and you will be in Redman's body. are you ok with that Chucky? Chucky: I'm down wit that (full quote)
  Tiffany:Bound is on cable. Yeah, Gina Gershon is fingering me right now (full quote)
  {after Glen wakes Chucky and Tiff up} Chucky: Tiff? Tiff: Chucky? {Chucky looks over to see Glen} Chucky: Ahh! who the hell are u! Glen: Shitface. Chucky: *laughs*. Tiff: Now what kind of name is that? We're are ur parents? Chucky: *laughing* Judging be that face I bet their hiding.*laughs*. Tiff: Ugh... (full quote)
42716 Jennifer Tilly: You know I should of played 'Erin Brocovich' and could have done without the wonder bra. (full quote)
42716 Tiffany:{to Redman}Pig! {to Jennifer} And u! weres urself respect? Yuo know what my mother told me about dirty girls. She said 'You can always smell it on girls who sell it'. Oh and by the why Ms. Tilly can i have your autograph? I'm a big fan. (full quote)
42716 Glenda: Stop it mommy! You'll wrinkle mah dress. Oh and how do u like it? I made it meself. Like mother like daughter right? (full quote)
42716 Jennifer tilly: I am pushing u little star f**ker!! Tiff: Don't mind Ms. Potty-mouth shes harmonal. (full quote)
42716 Tiffany: We have a problem with killing. (full quote)
42716 Tiffany: Killing is an addiction, like any other drug. (full quote)
42716 Tiffany: Is this Ruth Bailey? Ruth: speaking. Tiff: The widower of Robert Bailey? Ruth:Yes.. Tiff: My names Tiffany Ray. Umm u don't know me but I killed ur husband a few years ago and I am so very very sorry. Ruth: What is this some kind of sick joke? Tiff: Oh no i'm completly serious. And I just want u to know that i've put that all behind me now. Ruth:(crying)I don't know who u are... Tiff: Have a nice day. *hangs up the phone* Wow I feel better already. (full quote)
42716 Tiffany: Now Ms. Tilly I know ur frightened u probably even thinking that u gone completly insane, But I promise u, when u wake up this will all just seem like a bad dream. Now we can do this the easy way...*Holds up cwine bottle*..or the hard way *holds up a trophy*. Jennifer: *gets up sceams and runs* Tiff: *throws the trophy and it hits Jen. Jen falls to the gournd knocked out* Tiff: No wonder her careers in trouble. (full quote)
42716 Jennifer: No hell would be ending up on Celebrity Fear Factor in a worm eating contest with Anna Nicole Smith! Joan: *mumbles* Which she would win. (full quote)
42716 Jennifer: How come I don't get the good roles any more? How come nobody takes me seriously? puppeteer Chucky: Nice Tits. Jennifer: Thank you. (full quote)
42716 (after Glen says the chant to wake his parents up) Chucky: Tiff? Tiff: Chucky? Chucky:*looks over at Glen* Ahh!! Who the hell are u?! Glen: Shitface. Chucky:*laughs* Tiff: Now what kind of name is that? Were are ur parents? Chucky: Judging from that face I bet there hiding. *laughs* Tiff: Shut up u asshole (full quote)
42716 Chucky: Hey ur pissing ur pants! Tiff: Chucky she just had an accident. Chucky: U mean HE had an accident. (they both look at Glen) Glen: Don't look at me... (full quote)
42716 Tiff: See what did I tell u a beautiful lil' girl. Chucky: What! are u blind?! Thats my boy..yeah he just hadn't had his growthsprit yet. *looks over at Glen* Don't worry about it son ur a late bloomer thats all. It high time that u had a real name. I think i'm gonna call u......Glen. Tiff: Glen? What kind of name is that for a girl? Don't listen to him hunny from now on ur name is Glenda. *Jennifer walks in the room* Tiff: Run Glenda! (full quote)
42716 Tiffany:(reading 12 steps in 3 days book) Step number 1: Admit I have an addition. Okay check. Step number 2: Give myself over to a higher power?...whatever. (full quote)
42716 Tiffany: I can't believe it Jennifer Tilly is playing me in a movie. Its absoultly perfect casting! Chucky:But that voice. Tiff: I know she sounds just like an angel! (full quote)
42716 Tiffany: Know I got this all figured out. I'm gonna transfer my soul into Jennifer's and u'll transfer ur soul into Redman's. Chucky: I'm down wit dat. Tiff: Will dicth these plastic bodies once and for all and we will be Hollywoods hottest couple! Glen/da: What about me? Tiff: Don't worry about that Glenda I got that all figured out too. Ur going to be a real live girl. Chucky: Boy! Glen/da: But how? Tiff: Well i'm not getting pregnant again, I'll tell u that much. Its let my mother always told me 'Once is a blessing, twice is a curse'. Chucky: Well that will explain ur sister. Tiff: What we need is a suragent mother. (full quote)
42716 Chucky: (after slashing Santa Cluas' bread) I knew it! *stabs him* Ur not real! *Santa Cluas falls* Tiff: U know what kind of dissapointment that can do to somebody?! Chucky: Do u have any idea how that can *starts to stabing him over and over*fuck with ur mind..*keeps repeating* (full quote)
  Chuccky:The kid looks like he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every brnch on the way down! *luaghs* I mean u gott feel bad for the parents. I wonder what they must look like. (full quote)
  Chucky:If this is what it takes to be human then I would rather take my chances as a super naturally possed doll. (full quote)
  Cludia:That's the uglest thing I have ever seen in my whole life!!! (full quote)