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Skulls, The - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
265 We live by the rules, we die by the rules (full quote)
265 You keep digging, you're gonna dig your own grave! (full quote)
  With friendship...there is no middleground. (full quote)
6273 A good friend once told me if its secret and its elite, it can't be good. (full quote)
6273 A good friend once told me that if it's secret and it's elite, it can't be good. (full quote)
6273 This must be what they mean by a Skull above any other. (full quote)
6273 Whoa, where can I get me some more of that shit!? (full quote)
  When it comes to friendship, there is no middle ground (full quote)
5033 Hell Yes!!!! (full quote)
9929 Well done son, well done. (full quote)
  Where can I get some more of that shit (full quote)
  We live by the rules, we die by the rules (full quote)
12153 Girl: Caleb I can't see the race. Caleb: Imagine it. (full quote)
12153 caller: Are you ready to be reborn? (full quote)
12153 A snake without scales shows it's veins. (full quote)
12153 Excuse me gentlemen, locks just happen to be my speciality. (full quote)
12153 Caleb : So what did you say your name was? Lucas : Luke McNamara. Caleb : Caleb Mandrake. Lucas : I know. I've been serving you breakfast for the last three years. Caleb : Oh I'm sorry. (full quote)
12153 Ames Levbitt: So Caleb, what are your plans? Caleb: I'm just treading water. Waiting to see what happens. Litten Mandrake: Then your arms must be getting tired? Caleb: They are dad, because you keep throwing me toward the deep end of the pool. (full quote)
12153 Litten: There are two ways out of this Lucas. One is you can with drawl your challenge. Lucas: And the other? Litten: your dead. Caleb has a crack shot. You got no chance. Lucas: I guess I won't be coming over for Thanksgiving then. (full quote)
12153 Lucas: Tell them the truth about what happened to Will. Caleb: I'm sorry Lucas. Lucas: Don't apologize to me Caleb. Just tell them the truth. Caleb: No, I'm sorry for what I have to do to you. (full quote)
12153 Litten: You were worth the effort. (full quote)
12153 Caleb: I never take responsibility for anything. (full quote)
14786 Caleb:Where did you learn to do that? Luke: Ahh the skills of a mispent youth. (full quote)
minedsquid A friend once told me that if its secret and elite it cant be good (full quote)
minedsquid Boy: what's up?! Girl: the pizza's up (full quote)
MaggieForMargaret Our membership has its pleasure, its hardship, and sometimes its pain. (full quote)
MaggieForMargaret (Lucas):They said that it was at the building which doesn't necessarily mean that its... (Lucas and Caleb): the building. (full quote)
  those who wish to become our leaders choose the ordeal of war to prove themselves worthy of the priviledge (full quote)