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Corndog Man, The - 1998 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  your BOATS SINKIN' DADDY! (full quote)
12604 Why don't you kiss a good man's ass? (full quote)
13003 Got anything for an itchy butt? (full quote)
  I'll sell a colored man a boat faster than a cat can lick its ass. (full quote)
  I'll sell you a boat quicker than cat can lick it's ass! (full quote)
  triple k marine? (full quote)
  mornin' hell! (full quote)
  There's going to be an eclipse today! (full quote)
  I'm gonna...I'm gonna piss a stream wider then a hand axe! (full quote)
  I hope you shit in your flat hat!!! (full quote)
  You got a rubber neck? So you can suck yourself and go to hell!!!! (full quote)
  It's not 24 feet's 25!! You got yourself the extra foot!! (full quote)
  LET GO OF MY staff!!! DON'T TOUCH MY staff!!! (full quote)
  Oh No!!! (sarcastic) (full quote)
  If you can't get help with your mental health, go out and hustle some pussy. (full quote)
mattblanks36 Ain't no goddamn rat, happens to be a friend of mine! I'm gonna kill you over this you son of a bitch!!! (full quote)