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Crime and Punishment in Suburbia - 2000 Movie Quotes

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Sol Goode Don't touch me unless you love me! (full quote)
  we don't choose who we love, God does (full quote)
  what a strange path it took to find my heart (full quote)
  what excited everyone was how much it bothered her. The vultures were circling and they smelled blood (full quote)
46622 R: You knew? V: What? R: You knew...that I... V: Murdered your stepfather? Of course I knew. (full quote)
46622 V: We kept passing hotels. I wondered if she'd go into one with me if I asked her. But I didn't. I didn't have any money anyway. (full quote)
46622 R: Do you think that I could...Do you think that I could, maybe, believe in the things that you believe in? V: Yeah, yeah I do. (full quote)
MystikalFyre V: I had a dream last night. It was evil: horrible things. I wear this braid of garlic to ward off the evil spirits of that dream. Do you need this? If you need it, it's yours. Let me help you. (full quote)
MystikalFyre T: what the hell do you think you're doing, *******? V: I wanted to take a picture of what it looks like. T: what what looks like? V: People pledging alliegence. (full quote)
MystikalFyre R: You were watching us, weren't you? Well, were you? V: Um..... R: You like taking pictures? V: Yeah. R: Why don't you take one? Come on, *******. That's your name, right? Take one. (V snaps picture) R: Was it a good one? (full quote)
MystikalFyre R: You knew. V: What? R: You knew that I... V: Murdered your stepfather? Of course I knew. (full quote)