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Rated X - 2000 Movie Quotes

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1815 Those cigarettes aren't going to kill you, brother. I am. (full quote)
4384 Guy #1: I'm looking for the blow. Where's the blow? Guy #2: It's in the file cabinet under 'S' for stash. It was your brilliant idea. Remember? (full quote)
10929 You got any pot? (full quote)
10929 Dark star. (full quote)
  You are a liar,and a fucking addict.And you always will be,motherfucker. (full quote)
  Pick up the fucking phone.Pick up the fucking phone.Pick up the fucking phone!Pick up the fucking phone!You pick up the fucking phone! (full quote)
  Artie:It's a piece of shit,Bob.Jim:Yeah,but it could be our piece of shit. (full quote)
  Jim:Artie?Artie,get your ass out here!(shoots gun)Come on out,motherfucker!(shoots three times)Artie:What the?Jim:Artie?Artie:Where the fuck's my gun?Jim:Come on out,motherfucker!I wanna talk to you!(shoots three times)Jim:Artie?Artie?You motherfucking got me,Artie! (full quote)
  Jackass,moody doesn't mean an hour of blackness! (full quote)
  Jim!listen to me, I will kill you! I swear to fucking Christ! You piece of shit, fucking two dollar whore! I will fucking kill you! (full quote)
  You know what I'd like to do? I'd like to take my gun, shove it between his eyes, and pull the fucking trigger! That's what I'd like to do! (full quote)