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Whatever It Takes - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4078 Compared to your jeans, your hair is a work of art. (full quote)
4364 1)do you think accordian players have groupies? I mean really good ones? (full quote)
4182 1)You have to pay the toll(**taps his cheek for a kiss**) 2)You want me to uh, kick u in the face!? (full quote)
  1) Lower than Geek! Name a letter! 2) F! 1) Freak, fool, fungus! 3) D! 1) dip-shit, duschbag, dumbass! (full quote)
  All these notes are for you Maggie (full quote)
5617 MAGGIE: No, I'm not much of a thespian. CHRIS: Oh, well that's good, I'd be kinda wasting my time if you're only into chicks. (full quote)
  How many fingers am i holding up? Uh...elenventyseven? (full quote)
6745 I love you Brian Ryan! (full quote)
4904 1.Please! take me to the prom! 2. OK! Just go home! (full quote)
4904 Will one of you whores please hand me a tissue? (full quote)
  Helloooooo...a tiger an not just change its spots! (full quote)
7427 You can call me tiger, GRRRRRR! (full quote)
  Ryan- Sorry about... your mouth... Ashley- Well, thats the first complaint I've had! (full quote)
  I like the way u smile. and when your nervous you bite ur lip...i like u maggie (full quote)
  Get your hand off the fricken dick! (full quote)
  how may fingers? uhh..eleventy seven? (full quote)
  The things I do for you! (full quote)
  Is it because of the mole on her back--because she is getting that removed! (full quote)
  1) Sorry about--your mouth... 2) Funny, that's the first complaint I've had about it yet! (full quote)
  1) Maybe we could hang out sometime...troll for some skank, or skank for some troll, or...something? (full quote)
18206 Hurt yourself? Buns of steel partner, buns of steel. (full quote)
  i have to go to the bathroom...#2 oh ok would you like me to take you to the bathroom? ummmm...NO ok would you like chris to take you to the you to the bathroom that would be nice i was just hopin shed ask (full quote)
  Maggie, he's not shy, he's a dumbass!!! (full quote)
5033 You don't her. She was recently divorced. (full quote)
  Is it the hair on her back? Cause she is getting it removed! (full quote)
  that depends...would you be naked. (full quote)
  what happend to your feet? (full quote)
  Thank You, Mr. Campbell! Heart disease is the correct answer! (full quote)
  Maggie: Let me ask you something. Why are you so intrested in me? I mean we don't really make sense as a couple, do we? Ryan/Chris: Well--Sometimes the best things in life don't make sense. (full quote)