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Watcher, The - 2000 Movie Quotes

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5352 You travelled 2000 miles to be near this girls gravestone ? Is this a fullfilling relationship ? She loves me.....she's decomposing...She loves me....she decomposing (full quote)
19761 - And you blame yourself for the killing. - Oh, no. I blame the asshole who did it. (full quote)
10929 -His last alias was David Allen Griffin. I worked the case for three- and-a-half years in Los Angeles. We attributed at least eleven homicides to him. -What's he doing in Chicago? -I assume he's still strangling young women wire piano wire. (full quote)
10929 Do you think...some of your patients might pay to come see you because're very pretty? (full quote)
  When she passes out from fear or pain, he'll revive her over and over again until.. (full quote)