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Sordid Lives - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
Evenstar We just watched Thelma and Louise and we're pissed at men! (full quote)
  I think you are just an evil, bitter OLD, alcoholic sex FIEND who needs therapy yourself! (full quote)
  oh kaaay (full quote)
  Shoot her, Shoot her in the head Wardell! (full quote)
10929 I don't care, quite frankly! (full quote)
  I was just wondering where you got that bra? (full quote)
  $32.09, $32.09, $32.09, $32.09, $32.09, $32.09..... (full quote)
TyeDi 32.09, 32.09, 32.09 (full quote)
  Can you see my pussy now? (full quote)
  It's summer, Sissy. Hot, hot summer. (full quote)
  Well, it 'aint a workin! (full quote)
  Amen Praise Jesus (full quote)
Erynnsmama "I'm not sure whats wrong with Brother Boy is up there!" (full quote)
chiboywonder I think I am going to explode at any minute if any more shit hits the fan today! (full quote)