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Dr. T and the Women - 2000 Movie Quotes

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284 #1- If there's anything I can do , my name if Tiffany. #2- your name if Tiffany? #1- Yes. It's kind of a coincidence... I know. (full quote)
284 Bree. Not like the cheese. B. r. e. e. (full quote)
284 Hildy is in Governor Anne Richards and she's got another bad infection. In Phyllis George we have Dorothy Chamblis again for another exam. I know, I know. And the new patient is in Belle Star. (full quote)
284 If a gynocologist says there's no two alike, then I guesss there's no two alike! (full quote)
284 I'm going to be the best damn menopause patient you've ever had!!! (full quote)
  a boy!!! a boy!!! (full quote)
16093 1)You see so many women. How do you keep them from all just runnin' together? 2)Every woman I see's got something special, something that keeps her apart from the rest. 1)Well, if a gynecologist says no two are alike, then I guess no two are alike. (full quote)