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Big Momma's House - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4364 damn, girl you fine. (full quote)
5713 She goin' to die when she sees me. (full quote)
  boy you look like a damned saved bird. (full quote)
  boy you look like a damned shaved bird. (full quote)
6875 Are Yall Double Mint twins? (full quote)
  I've seen alot of scary shit in my life but damn that was alot of ass! (full quote)
7933 I've seen alot of scary shit in my life, but damn that was alot of ass! (full quote)
  I don't think big momma likes surprises. (full quote)
  Somebody better tell me something because this sho' is some freaky shit (full quote)
11098 Big Mama? what is that? You don't have another flash light under there, do you? (full quote)
11550 Well, it's my baby Sherrreeey! (full quote)
11550 MMM, those stewed prunes just go right straight through me!!! (full quote)
11550 Ben, you can't come into a lady's house and leave with your sheboink boink! (full quote)
11550 Ben, if I see the sheboinka, all hell's gonna break loose. (full quote)
  I could never forget that ass...uh, asthma. (full quote)
  last time ben had greens we had to rewallpaper! (full quote)
15933 Oh look at his nappy little grapefruit head!! your grand-daddy had a big ass head!! (full quote)
15933 can someone please explain to me what is going on here!!! cause this sho is some freaky shit (full quote)
  U Know It Runs N The Family, GrapeFruit Heads..your Grandfather Had A Big Ass Head! (full quote)
6650 You think your nickel slick but I got your penny change. (full quote)
22325 Girl I could never forget that ass... ma. asthma (full quote)
  You two, sleeping in my bedroom...ahh hell no! (full quote)
Magpie You look like a damn shaved bird! (full quote)
  They use criso for everything down here! (full quote)
  I will not be treated like street botaaaaayyyyyyy! (full quote)
  Big Momma: I could never forget that asthma. dont you remember you had asthma? you used to cough and weeze something wicked.. i would say sherri u ok? u'd be like uuh uhhhhhhhh (full quote)
  Bless your little asmatic heart (full quote)
  When I say I got-ta go, I got-ta go! (full quote)
40301 *** ***** you got another flashlight under there? (full quote)
  Malcom: Reverand, I come to testify! Big Momma: What's he doin here! Reverend: Now, now this is God's house. We all welcome here. Big Momma: Yeah, maybe all except him! Reverand: (hands him microphone) Now wobble wobble, and drop it like it's hot. Malcolm: I come to today to ask for understanding...I believe the good book says, If you don't know me, don't judge me. Trent: THAT was Tupac. Malcolm: Tupac, right. Well Trent what does it say? Trent: Mom says that Jesus said we should one another as we love ourselves. Nolan: That was a old Al Green lyric, I got it on the A-Track in ma car! Girl: Paramedic? NOLAN is a security guard at the lumber yard! Nolan: HEAD security guard ok! I got two men and three dogs workin up under me! (full quote)