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Leprechaun 5: In the Hood - 2000 Movie Quotes

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  A friend with weed is a friend indeed. (full quote)
8162 your posterior is inferior. (full quote)
  Return my gold you dirty hoods, y'all got more loot than Tiger Woods! (full quote)
  Jesus loves me, this I know. If he doesn't, I'll find a ho. (full quote)
  Lepreachaun:Ahhh!Free at last Free at last!Thank god oh mighty. PoseMaster:If this is to be Pose last stand!You gotta take this flute from me fucking hand. Leprechaun:Ill take it from you homey youll see cause you know da lep is the real OG ha ha ha! Mac:Mac Daddy aint Dying today!!! (full quote)
  a lep in da hood (full quote)
  id share if youz jus' as' me why you got ta be stealin' from me all da time? (full quote)
  Bartender: Damn you one ugly motherfucker Leprechaun:no man u must be tripin (full quote)
  striat bullet to the heart (full quote)
  lep in the hood come to do no good (full quote)
  mother fucker (full quote)
  jesus loves me this i know. if he dont ill find a hoe. his momas name was mary-jo. he desipals were some fat mofos. (full quote)