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Gangster No. 1 - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  what do I look like a cunt? (full quote)
10110 what do you take me for? Some kind of cunt? (full quote)
  Have a clock (smashes clock into Lenny Taylor's face) (full quote)
  Sit down? sit down? You come into MY club and tell me to sit down? (full quote)
  I didn't want to kill Lenny Taylor... but somebody had to do it. (full quote)
  Go out there & keep Freddy Mayes & his goon company. I'm not asking you to suck him off or anything. I don't care what you do afterwards, fuck off & marry the cunt! (full quote)
  You know what Roland. I've never understood a single fucking word you've ever said to me. (full quote)
  what's that? That's my favourite axe. (full quote)
  I'm a prince darling. I've got so many birds, they're coming out of my ears! (full quote)
  Went down the hospital to see him today, took some grapes. I should of took him some Nesquik.. the cunt's got no teeth!! (full quote)
  Never understood that thing Freddy had for horses until I bought one. Made me a packet, then disaster struck.. it won! (full quote)
41579 There we were, suited up, wasted on these fucking toe tags. (full quote)
41579 There we were, suited up, wasted on these fucking toe tags. (full quote)
41579 Just another bird. Just another skinny, fucking bird. (full quote)
  You calling me a cunt? You Cunt! YOU CUNT! (full quote)
29060 Two minutes later they're in the green man givin' it the big 'un like you're Harry the spastic or something. (full quote)
29060 She got bummed pretty sharpish. (full quote)