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Girlfight - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
9875 Was I Talking To You? (full quote)
11662 I couldn't resist. (full quote)
  #1: If I catch you hanging around this bandeto again then I'll... #2: Then you'll what? F*ckin' kill me?!? (full quote)
16243 #1: If I catch you hanging around this bandeto again, then I'll.. #2: Then you'll what?! F*cking kill me!? (full quote)
16243 (Diana) I love you!...I really do!! (full quote)
16243 (Diana) Everyhting I learned about losing I learned from you dad!! (full quote)
16243 (Diana) Holy Sh*t!! (Merisole) What? (D) Ex-100% man to your left! (M) {whistles} (D) Shhh!! Stop making it so obvious! (full quote)
  1)I hit him back didn't I? 2)NOw you're starting to think like a boxer. (full quote)
  what's his name~ adrean~adrean what kinda girly name is that~ 100% man is u know what i mean~ (full quote)
23817 (Diana) TINY! Lets go! (full quote)
23817 (Diana) How does it feel to see so much of yourself so close, huh? (full quote)
  1.) No Fooling around k? 2.) I thought every guy jumped at this chance....guess I'm not prize pick hey? 1.) Kisses Diana. (full quote)
  O look, hear comes your body guard (full quote)
  why don't you try gymnastics?...was i talking to you? (full quote)
  i won't make my weight!..what?..YEA I'LL EAT FOR A FUCKING CHANGE! (full quote)
  All these years, you just looked right through me. (full quote)