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Beautiful - 2000 Movie Quotes

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  It's like love is a sort of language and they never learn the words (full quote)
4574 Tell you what to do? My God, Mona, look aroung! I'm in jail! I can't help you, I can barely help myself right now, and who's going to help Vanessa? I'll tell you what to do Mona-Why don't you go home and cook Vanessa some dinner and then maybe you can rub her back until she falls asleep for once. Grow up Mona! You're not the one that needs a morther anymore (full quote)
6170 I don't know if I wanna be a pretend role model for thousands of little girls, or a real role model for one. (full quote)
  Who do you think you ARE? My MOTHER????? (full quote)
7030 Who do think you ARE? My MOTHER???????? (full quote)
  Vanessa: I just wanna know where I belong Mona: You belong in the family box (full quote)
  Mona:Vanessa, your my little girl...Mine! (full quote)
oystercracker move over scumona (full quote)