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102 Dalmatians - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4921 And I don't represent animals in court! (full quote)
  I just relized- im not a rottweiler at all- im a retriever. (full quote)
7709 If you cant stand the heat cheat (full quote)
22841 [Cruella is seeing Dalmatian spots, even on her best friend Alonzo.] >> Alonzo: [Stuttering.] Wouldn't you be more c-comfortable in the c-car? [Cruella's hair is going back to normal.] Alonzo: Ella? Cruella: Not Ella. Ella's gone... AND CRUELLA'S BACK!!!!!! [Cackling.] (full quote)
22841 [Chloe, Kevin, Waddlesworth and the dogs are at a puppet show, a dog with spots shows up, which catches Oddball's attention.] Chloe: Oh, dear. Kevin: What. Chloe: [Whispers.] Oddball's obsessed with... s-p-o-t-s. Waddlesworth: spotS?! Chloe; Kevin: SHHHHH! (full quote)
22841 [Cruella ''Ella'' De Vil is in the probation office beginning her probation.] Chloe: [Looks at her watch.] You're 5 minutes late. It's a good start. Cruella ''Ella'' De Vil: [Looks at Big Ben.] Well, perhaps your clock's fast! (full quote)
  CRUELLA Is Alonzo keeping up? LE PELT your little man is too slow CRUELLA This traffic is too slow the french are useless behind the wheel (full quote)
  cruella: i remember you as a puppy dog: bark's(then growles) cruella: why don't i come back later i feel a little chilly cruella: you are both idoits (screaming) (full quote)
  This is not an option nigga now u either smoke this or we have a problem (full quote)