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Jason X: Friday the 13th Part 10 - 2001 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  1:Fraid im gonna have to hurt ya now. (full quote)
MovieManiacX He is an unstoppable killing machine. He's not dead. (full quote)
MovieManiacX He is an unstoppable killing machine. He's not dead. (full quote)
MovieManiacX This sucks on SO many levels!!! (full quote)
MovieManiacX #1 : Hey, you wanna beer? #2 : Or you wanna smoke some pot? Both : Or we can have premarital sex! We love premarital sex!!! (full quote)
MovieManiacX 'Fraid I'm gonna hafta hurt 'cha now... (full quote)
MovieManiacX Oww! Owwwwwwww! Oh!!! YOU PASS!!!!! (full quote)
MovieManiacX what the hell is going on? Jason-fucking-Voorhees, that's what's going on!!! (full quote)
MovieManiacX I'd say he's been modifiedP> Oh, ya think!!! (full quote)
MovieManiacX I'd say he's been modified Oh, ya think!!! (full quote)
MovieManiacX I don't think he's out there... Well, why don't you just stick your head out and have a peek? (full quote)
MovieManiacX The subject was Jason Voorhees. Jason Voorhees? Notorious murderer??? We executed him for the first time in 2008. For the first time? We tried everything. Electrocution, gas, firing squad, we even hung him once. Nothing worked. (full quote)
MovieManiacX Finally, it was decided that if we couldn't terminate him, we could at least contain him -- cryogenic stasis -- freeze him till we could figure out what to do. Seems sensible. I thought so. But unfortunately some people who were too smart for their own good, felt that a creature that couldn't be killed was simply too valuable to just file away. (full quote)
  It's okay guys all he wanted was his machete back.... Wooo! (full quote)
pentaclepatron666 I'll take more than a poke in the ribs to take me down(stabed again)YEP that'll do it! (full quote)
  Wanna Drink Beer Or Smoke some pot? Or Have Premarital Sex? We Love Premarital Sex (full quote)
  Its gana take more then a poke in the ribs to get this old dog down (stabed again) yep, that should do it. (full quote)