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Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  please stop please didn't kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeee (full quote)
  PA:would the following students please report to the princibal's office:Jack Mehoff, Mike hunt,Lou Zer, and Heywood Jablomee. (full quote)
  sectary: Dawson, let me introduce you to the princibal. Sorry, The Adminstrator-formerly-known-as-princibal. (full quote)
  dawson:after all it is halloween slab:and friday the 13th dawson:on the same day? Impossible. boner: slabs dyslexic (full quote)
  PA:Attention students, there will be a fire drill at 3:05 today. Please bring your own matches and lighter fluid. (full quote)
22367 There will be a fire drill at 3:05. Please bring your own matches and lighter fluid. (full quote)
22367 Over loudspeaker: The results of yesterday's pregnancy tests are... (full quote)
  i like that boulder (full quote)
  (call waiting beeps) screw:is that yours or mine? killer:ignore it i have voice mail (full quote)
  killer: do you think this stalking thing is easy? (splash heard) screw: did you just fall in my pool? (full quote)
  1)Do you like scary movies? 2)Oh. what,do you mean like Spike Lee movies? 1)Look, lay off the Spikester! He's keeping it real! (full quote)
  Martina:I've got a wierd feeling Dawson. Dawson:Wait untill you eat the tuna tacos (full quote)
  1)Attention, tonight's PTA meeting will be held at the Hooters restraunt in Glendale. Please remind your parents. Also, whoever put real meat in today's lunch please remove it. (full quote)
  ...and that's how i knew that i wasn't a lesbian (full quote)
  (music begins)VOICEOVER(singing):You'll have a fresh attitude, when you're holding the knife,with mentals fresh and full of life, lady luck will lift you up,when you're sporting fresh breath before you strike. Death goes better with mentals freshness,death goes better with Mentals freshness,death goes better with Mentals fresh and full of life! THE KILLER:Ah,Jeez! (full quote)
  of course it sounds stupid if no one else sings! (full quote)
  1)its bon-ner ma'am 2) not for long, dead boner walking! (full quote)
  pop up: this actor has bladder problems *gets stabbed* ouch (full quote)
  slab: i-ii-i think i used to much (full quote)
  KILLER: Damned cell phones! (full quote)
  You treat a hot girl like dirt, and she'll stick to you like mud. (full quote)
10929 --I've got a weird feeling, Dawson. --Wait until you eat the tuna tacos. (full quote)