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Wog Boy, The - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  JOHN TRAV-OLTA! (full quote)
  woah,you should warm someone before you put that face out in public! (full quote)
  You are what you eat and tommorow i want to be you. (full quote)
  i know fuck nothing but i know fuck all-theo (full quote)
  dominic farkin wheres my farkin money farkin? (full quote)
  This jacket's maaaaaad!! (full quote)
20427 Minister : What the hell are you doing? Steve : Wooah baby!, give people some warning before you stick that face out in public! Minister : Do you know who I am?? Steve : Mrs. Ronald McDonald? Minister : I'm the Minister for Employment, you little worm. Steve : Ohh really? Well on behalf of myself and the other 799,000 unemployed in this country your doing a great fucking job! NA! (full quote)
20427 Did you say GOVERNMENT CAR?? OH STEVE MY NECK STEVE!! (full quote)
  Remember, walk like Frank, talk like Frank, BE FRANK! (full quote)
20427 Pickin' up chicks is a lifetime experience! Oh and remember Curls get the Girls.. (full quote)
20427 SHAME SHAME SHAME. (full quote)
  I wouldnt touch you with a ten foot pole Steve: ooh, ten foot pole, penis enxtensions, am i begginning to sense a theme here? You want me bad baby, you want me bad! (full quote)
  nerd in office - you want the truth, YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH. steve ( grabs him ) nerd - Watch the nipple ring (full quote)
  Cop 1 - where is your intented destiation and this untimely hour... steve - huh? cop 2 where you goign so early in the mornin' steve - i am acutally of to church.. cop 2 - yeh right your an alter boy... steve - nah i am actually on the dole i just do favours for people.. cop 1 - yoru car looks disproportionatly will maintaind for a person ofyoru fudicury capacity... steve - huh cop 2 - nice car for a dole bludger (full quote)
  Ambition is just an excuse for not having the guts to be lazy! (full quote)
  Luckly, the owners of the club are my cousins. Lucky, Ducky and Fucky! (full quote)
  I tape everything... I'm a pervert! (full quote)
  I'm half-Serbian, half-Croatian. I wake up in morning, I want to kill myself! So killing you is no problem, fucken! (full quote)
  You act like you've never seen a dick before! (full quote)
  You're the liar, Raelene! (full quote)
  Waiter: ... and a ham-and-cheese toasted sandwich for you, sir. Antipasto? Steve: No, I'm very pro-pasto. But for now, I just want a ham-and-cheese toased sandwich, on white bread. Don't give me that brown shit! (full quote)
  If you can get so much money from one little car crash, I can get rich, re! (full quote)
  Ten foot poles, penis extensions... am I beginning to sense a theme here, or what? You want me BAD, baby, you want me BAD! (full quote)
  Woman: Hey! What do you think you're doing? Dominic: Shut up and wash your hands, you unhygienic bitch! Woman: (rubs hands on Dominic's jacket) I just did! (full quote)
  Theo: What about my benefits? Supervisor: No chance in hell! Theo: (rips off neck brace and throws it on supervisor's desk) Keep it... bloody POOFTA! (full quote)
  Raelene: Mr. Walker has a question. Steve: Wassup, Walks? (full quote)
  i dedicated my life to be the best wog i could be......the cars, the clothes, the attitude (full quote)
  Oh and your sandwiches taste like shit (full quote)
  i want my farken money farken (full quote)