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Li'l Abner - 1940 Movie Quotes

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4066 With (name) RSVP means only one thing. Roast Skunk Very Possible. (full quote)
  A walk to Remember (full quote)
  I has spoken! (full quote)
  Ok lets go to town... i thought you said we were going to town. well thats as closes town i like to get (full quote)
  1. Roast Skunk! lissen up, L'il, that smell like some kind of giant squid juice... maybe it's a giant ape. do you think it's a Sasquatch? 2. i don't think it's a Sasquatch but it might be a giant Kong type of creature! 1. quick hop onto my blimp and lets shoot at it while it's climbing that giant tower. 2. weeeee, this is fun! (full quote)
TheFilmFreak Available: Daisy Mae Scragg! Do you know what you's askin'? That I betray my neighbor, turn my back on my fellow man. Now what is there in this word you think could make me do sometin' like that? Daisy: Fifty cents. Available: Could you make that a dollar? Daisy: Maybe could. Available: You has a deal (full quote)