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Little Nellie Kelly - 1940 Movie Quotes

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  jerry yes doctor i uh i,ve got bad news for you what is it doctor your wife is in a serious condiction but doctor walton she'll pull through surely i'm afraid not (full quote)
  nellie jerry you're a officer just like you said you be yes darling you look grand in your uniform jerry you and dad must pull together from now on for our daughters sake you will won't ya promise me yes darling you've got a job on your hands but i'll be near ya always (full quote)
  happy birthday nellie oh it's beautiful dad isn't it beautiful grandpop well come on nellie make a wish and blow out the candles darling and if i blow them all out will i get my wish if you wish hard enough if you wish the proper thing of course well i'm gonna wish for something that's been in my heart for long long time well well i tried didn't i i wonder what whould of happened if they all gone out it'll be fun to know whouldn't it but one little candle stays lit and i won't get my wish (full quote)