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Friday the 13th: Part 5: A New Beginning - 1985 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
12631 I didn't mean it a Nostrill Flaring Jake says to Robin (full quote)
15208 highYA!!! I'm gonna chop you up into itty bitty pieces my friend just like they did to that pig over there on that fucking crazy farm (full quote)
28410 I wwwannna mmmake lllove tttoo yyou RRRobin (full quote)
  Holy shit! Who the fuck are you, and what the fuck do you want!? (full quote)
  And the forecast is; cloudy in the mountians, sunny in the valleys, and snowflurries, up your nose. (full quote)
  Would you shut the fuck up (full quote)
  Would you shut the fuck up? (full quote)