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Ghosts of Mars - 2001 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
Splent I'm going to rip your titties off (full quote)
Splent Who you callin' sissy boy? (full quote)
12970 That's the second time I Saved your Life, Yeah run a tab! (full quote)
12970 Save some hot water for me! (full quote)
  Who you calling a scumbag...motherfucker! (full quote)
  waste the mindless motherfuckers (full quote)
  Maybe I would if you were the last man on Earth, but we're not on Earth (full quote)
22089 Damn Girl, I like you already (full quote)
h1NeZ_B0I95 COME ON YOU MINDLESS MUTHAFUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (full quote)