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Others, The - 2001 Movie Quotes

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9923 1) Where's my daughter? 2) I am your daughter! (full quote)
9534 Well if you see a ghost then you wave and say 'Hello' and you get on with your reading! (full quote)
9534 1. I don't believe God made the world in 7 days. and i don't believe that noah got all those animals onto one boat. and i don't believe that the dove is the holy spirit 2. I don't think there's anything holy about doves...they poo all over the windows! (full quote)
9869 This house is ours....this house is ours. (full quote)
10088 Don't you hear it? There's someone there! (full quote)
10088 MOTHER:There were voices! Two women and a boy! ANNE: Mommy, look!!!! see, this is the mother, this is the father, THIS ie victor, and thats the old woman. MOTHER: what do those numbers stand for? ANNE: Thats the number of times I've seen them! (full quote)
10088 MOTHER: You told you'r brothere there was someone else in the room! ANNE: There was!!!!!! MOTHER: That'll do, Anne!!!!!!!! (full quote)
10088 NANNY: I've seen them, too! ANNE: you have? NANNY: sometimes, the world of the dead gets mixed up with the world of the living. (full quote)
10088 Tell me, children. What happened the night your mother murdered you? (full quote)
10088 MOTHER: as you can see, the house has been rather neglected since the servants dissppeared over a week ago. NANNY: you mean they just vanished? MOTHER: Into thin air (full quote)
10088 ANNE: Are you going to leave us too? NANNY: why would i do that? ANNE: the others said they wouldn't, but they did. and then it happened! (full quote)
10088 BrothER: Why have you opened the curtains? ANNE: It was Victor! (full quote)
10088 MOTHER: What have you done with my daughter? ANNE: are you mad? i AM your daughter! (full quote)
11349 nicole: you look so different chris: sometimes I bleed (full quote)
16441 The curtins???!!!! Who took down the curtins???!!! (full quote)
16441 Don't go near them! They're Ghosts! You said ghosts only go around in white sheets and chains. No they're dead! Come back Now! (full quote)
  There was one in there, one over there, and OH! One down there as well!!! (full quote)
  You're wicked! You won't stop until you kill us all! You're wicked, you're wicked!!! (full quote)
  my name is anne and im walking im walking and my name is anne (full quote)
18765 Nicholas: Anne say something. Anne: what do you want me to say? N: I don't know, anything. A: Let's see. Hi my name is Anne and I'm walking. I'm walking and my name is Anne. (full quote)
18765 Anne:Dove's are anything but holy. Nicholas: Yeah they poo on your windows. (full quote)
  and who's gonna or (full quote)
20970 no door should be opened without the previous one being closed. (full quote)
  coudy, coudy custard. coudy, coudy custard. (full quote)
evilroy The only thing that moves here is the light, but it changes everything. (full quote)
  Anne: I told you someone was in the room, and you didnt belive me! (full quote)
  Nicolas: You'r always teasing me and calling me names. (full quote)
  Mother: You'r Lieing Ann! (full quote)
  Ann: Sout yourself but soon you'll be begging Victor and I to play with you. (full quote)
  MOTHER: your lying Anne! Dont lie! (full quote)
  VICTOR(TO ANNE): your always teasing me and calling me names! (full quote)
  WE'RE NOT DEAD! WE'RE NOT DEAD! (full quote)
  Nrs Mills to Grace-Grief over the death of a loved one can make people do the strangest things (full quote)
MovieFreak [Walking in the forest] Nicholas: I'm scared. Anne: Well, you shouldn't have come then. Nicholas: Say something. Anne: What shall I say? Nicholas: Anything. Anne: My name is Anne, and I'm walking. I'm walking and my name is Anne... (full quote)
MovieFreak Mrs. Mills: Sometimes the world of the living gets mixed up with the world of the dead. (full quote)
  wheres my daughter .silly mom i am ur daughter (full quote)
  No one can make us leave this house. (full quote)
  Stop breathing! (full quote)
  Grace: Well if you see a ghost then you wave and say 'Hello' and you get on with your reading! (full quote)
ddc13120 Grace: This house is like a ship; the light must be contained Grace: There are 15 different keys for each of the 15 different doors depending on which area of the house you are in. Anne: I told you someone was in the room and you didn't believe me. Now I don't know what to say. Ms. Mills: Young Lydia said the same thing when she realized the 3 of us were dead; and that was the last time she spoke, but I couldn't tell you that before now. Ms. Mills: The children will be easier to convince. No. It's the mother who's going to cause us problems. The Witch: Is that how your mother killed you? The Witch: Children, if you're dead, why do you remain in this house? Grace: Nicolas darling, mother can't always be with you. You must learn to be on your own sometimes. Nicolas: Mummy. Give me a kiss. Anne: Over there, over there and oh, down there as well. (full quote)
ddc13120 Ms. Mills: Shall I fix us a cup of tea ma'am? Ms. Mills: The intruders have gone, but there'll be others; sometimes we'll since them and sometimes we won't, but that's the way it's always been, ma'am. Ms. Mills: What happened? Why did the two of you fight? Anne: You're wicked. She won't stop until she kills us. You're wicked wicked wicked! Nicholas: Then the Roman Governor, filled with rage, ordered their heads to be chopped off. Anne: Victor says she's a witch. And she's always saying things like, 'come with me'. She asks me things. Grace: What things? Anne: Things. And her breath smells. Grace: No one can make us leave this house. (full quote)