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Down To Earth - 2001 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
16227 Shutup boy before I crush you with my wallet! (full quote)
  What a coat I just payed for..hell i wore that coat all summer..eveyrone was wearing bathing suits on the 4th of july i was wearing my gosse down...sweat pouring down (full quote)
  That guy punched me like i owed him child support (full quote)
19423 Should we kill her dog? Does she have a dog? We could get her a dog, then kill it. (full quote)
  one more face lift and that bitch be farting out her nose (full quote)
28032 we know who you are you cheap bastard (full quote)
28032 you know what I got here, I got yo freedom (full quote)
28032 I just wanna feed you (full quote)
28032 I've had this dream before, pac in here? (full quote)
28032 I got a body, I got a body (full quote)
28032 if your head is bloody, we're your buddy, shot in the head you got a bed (full quote)
  Thank you Wanda, who the hell she think she is the fridged stuck up bitch, you really want to thank me get that cheap ass husband of yours to pay me a descint wadge. One more face lift and that bitch will be far down her nose. (full quote)
  1) You know you're coat's bleeding, right? 2) Mind ya business. (full quote)
  Joe, that was the shiznit son...[[tuned out for a while]] and we on the road (full quote)
  But the first kiss..the first kiss is like double're like when do i get it, when do i get it, when do i get it..ooOWWw he kissed me,he kissed me he kissed mE!!!! (full quote)
32757 What's God like? I don't know, but the devil's got some good weed! (full quote)
32757 My dad was so cheap that when we went to bed, he'd unplug the clocks. 'You can't tell time when you asleep!' (full quote)
32757 We're goin' in there. If you can walk, let's walk. If you can't walk, it's time to roll. If you have crutches, then crutch your ass over there! (full quote)
32757 From now on, we need to make a new slogan. If you get shot in the head, you get a bed. If your head is bloody, we're your buddy. (full quote)
  Tiga tiga tiga Tiger Woods, yo! (full quote)
  1.)Give me your wallet 2.)Hold on... are you sure I won't die for another 40 years? 3.) Well, technically yes.. bu.. 4.)come here, you wanna rob me (chases after the robber) (full quote)
  FUR IS MURDER! FUR IS MURDER! Aw, hell I'm gon show ya murder! (full quote)
10929 If you're good looking, you're gonna succeed through life. If you're ugly, you better pick up a book. (full quote)