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Salton Sea, The - 2002 Movie Quotes

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vanilla Excuse me. I don't mean to impose, but I am the Ocean. (full quote)
  Linoleum? This must be hell. (full quote)
  you can decide who i am... avenging angel, judias hysteriat(sp), loving husband, prodical son, prince of denmark, all of these, none of these, you decide, trumpet player, speed freak... (full quote)
  so that's where i found myself. no, i should chose my words more carefully, this is the world i sought out. the land of the perpetual night party. day swallowing night and night swallowing day. the crank compressing time like some devine piston on its awsome downstroke. we've been at this for 3 days, or is it 4? (full quote)
  i know what you're thinking but don't give up on me just yet. just wait until i've told my whole story. and keep you're eyes open. nothing is as it seems. (full quote) finally hit bottom, and you realize that you can't go any lower. when you find a friend you wouldn't have found anywhere else.... sometimes you see the world so clearly. and you know just what to do, and just when to do it. just what you should've done and when you should've done it. (full quote)
  so who am i after all is said and done? tom van allan or danny parker? avenging angel or plain old judias? i don't know, you tell me. i'm to tired, you decide. (full quote)
  well i've had some time to think about it. its pretty simple after all. i thinks its like the man says, 'man is the measure of all things.' i should know, i ran the gamit. tom van allan got his revenge, good for tom. danny parker, he got gut shot for being a low life rat. that sucks for him. as far as i'm concerned, they're both dead. so who's this guy? to tell you the truth, i still don't know, but i like his chances. i really like his chances.. (full quote)
  did you bring the plastic men? (full quote)
  Come on mother-fucker, give up the sample!!! [whir whir] (full quote)
  well, which one is it ? 8 or 9 ? if you ask me, mister, i say it'a big fuckin difference. (full quote)
  man is the measure of all things (full quote)
  Jimmy: Is it drugs? Kujo: no its better than drugs, it bob hope's stool sample (full quote)
  Jimmy: Is it drugs? Kujo: no its better than drugs, it bob hope's stool speciman. We're gonna boost it. (full quote)
43430 Are you the plastic men? (full quote)
  Captain Stuebing here hasnt eaten in over a week, that and the rabies don't make for a happy badger. (full quote)
  People will say alot of things when they're sportin a pecker for badger food....then again, people will do alot of things..when they're around alot of money......lil bill? (full quote)
  what does JFK stand for? (full quote)
  I only deal in US punds, none of that faggety metric crap (full quote)
  I could have been a cowboy if I only had a chance (full quote)
  fafaf (full quote)