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Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The - 2001 Movie Quotes

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Marla&Tyler When I look at you it's hard to breathe. (full quote)
  Hey guys, there's a bone in your penis! that's why its called a boner!!! (full quote)
17848 NO one was coming for that dog. I hope you realize that. Dont you ever tell me to get real! I know what real is. (full quote)
  Thats a very thoughtful question (full quote)
  All of that kissing must have made your cheeks stronger (full quote)
10929 Forgive me, Father, for I am 14. (full quote)
  No one is coming for this dog, I hope you realize that. No one who passed not even the guy who hit it, I hope you realize that. Don't you ever tell me to get real, I know what fucking real is (full quote)
21211 But make no mistake, the culprits will be fingered. I will finger the culprits. (full quote)
21211 Hey it's the altar to get altered? (full quote)
  Tim: Seems like the Perfect spot for deciding what you really want in life Francis: My own comic book, bigger than anything. Tim: No I'm talking about what you want right now, like revenge on the one legged bitch in black and white Francis: MARGIE FLYNN!! Tim: Shit. I knew it, Margie Flynn (full quote)
  ding fucking dung the bitch is dead (full quote)
  serious trouble beats serious boredom (full quote)
  tiger, tiger burning bright in the forest of the night what immortal hand or eye did frame thy fearful symmetry? (full quote)
  Francis: Not everyone has to make up trouble for themselves, just so they're not bored! Tim: At least I'm doing something. What are you doing, Francis? What exactly do you do?.... Have you done anything with Margie yet? Francis: You don't know anything about that! Tim: Oh, so you haven't done anything with Margie. Maybe I'll just write her another note, so that you can have a lot more time doing shit like this!!! (full quote)