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Four Feathers - 2001 Movie Quotes

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16541 An officer who gave his life for his country deserves far more respect than I do. (full quote)
16541 There is only one sacrifice nobler than sacrificing one's self for their country; that is marrying a man who does. (full quote)
16541 [Upon learning his son has resigned from the army] I don't know you. (full quote)
16541 When something like this happens, you are lost. Unless I do something, this is how people will remember me. A feather. And others will think of me as a coward. All I know is I can't live with myself. (full quote)
16541 I found you half dead crossing the desert alone and you say you are afraid? (full quote)
16541 You may be lost but you are not forgotten. The soldier's greatest comfort is to have his friends close at hand. In the heat of battle it ceases to be an idea or a flag for which we fight. Rather we fight for the man on our right or left. When the years fall away all that remains are the memories of those precious moments we spent side by side. (full quote)
16541 I suppose I'm going because you are going. There is no one I'd sooner trust my life with. You're all that matters. (full quote)
16541 1) I can't move. 2) The poison's paralyzed your legs. It will wear off soon. 1) I thought it was supposed to kill me. (full quote)
16541 1) Why are you helping me? 2) God put you in my path. I have no choice. 1) God? An Englishman and a Christian? You must have done something terrible to offend him. (full quote)