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King Kong - 1933 Movie Quotes

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10929 --Let me through, officer. I'm Denham. --Just a moment. (full quote)
10929 --Well, Denham, the airplane got him. --Oh, no, it wasn't the airplane. It was beauty killed the beast. (full quote)
46800 Some big hard-boiled egg gets a look at a pretty face and bang--he cracks up and goes sappy. (full quote)
  the perfect is the emeny of the good (full quote)
Tinman2455 We're millionaires boys, I'll share it with all of you. (full quote)
Tinman2455 I saw a wall up at Ancore once. That's bigger than this and know one knows who built it. (full quote)
Tinman2455 Steady with those rifles boys. (full quote)
Tinman2455 1. We've got something he wants. 2. Yeah and something he ain't never gonna get again. (full quote)
Tinman2455 Take a picture of em boys they're getting married in the morning. (full quote)
Tinman2455 All hand on deck... Everybody on deck... all hand on deck! (full quote)
Tinman2455 1. But Jack you hate women. 2. Yeah but you ain't women. (full quote)
Tinman2455 Hey will ya take a look at that. It looks like the night before election. (full quote)