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KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park - 1978 Movie Quotes

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  Melissa-what's that? Gene-It's a cosmic force field which protects our talisman. Melissa-Pretty mystical! (full quote)
  Paul-You're looking for someone,but it's not Kiss! (full quote)
  Paul-what do you compute,Space Ace? Ace-Insufficient data at the moment,Starchild! (full quote)
  Abner Deveraux-Armageddon is coming to this park tonight. peter-We don't work with a second act,Deveraux! Besides,Armageddon is a lame group! (full quote)
  Peter-If they fell into the wrong hands... Gene-There ARE no wrong hands except OURS,we must protect the power!! (full quote)
  Paul-Easy,Catman,they are serious! Ace[in a totally gay sounding voice]-And they've got guns!! (full quote)
  [after a robot cat's head falls off] Ace-They always lose their heads over you,Paul! (full quote)
  Snede[head security guard]They're avoiding us! Calvin Richards[owner of Magic mountain]-With a look like that,your mother would avoid you! (full quote)
  Calvin Richards[after Abner Deveraux is defeated by Kiss]-He created Kiss to destroy Kiss,and he lost. (full quote)
  Abner Devereaux[shouting]-I will destroy you! ALL OF YOU! And you,you Kiss,WILL BE MY INSTRUMENT!! (full quote)
  Paul-It's Sam! Ace-I wonder what his trip is? Gene-His trip's a trap! Peter-Let's spring it! (full quote)
40143 Ack! (full quote)
  Star Child: what do you compute, Space Ace? Space Ace: Insufficient data at the moment, Star Child! (full quote)