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Tomcats - 2001 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  natalie, stay away, it's the dick of death! (full quote)
20260 i'm not gonna mess tis one up again...suck my cock (full quote)
25984 I'm terrified yet strangely aroused (full quote)
25984 Patricia? (full quote)
27335 1.Last weekend I had sex with twins. 2.You win. (full quote)
27426 DOCTOR!!! DO NOT EAT THAT!!! (full quote)
toothboy12 1)Im not ready to say those three little words, im just not ready to say I love you, and lie just to get into your pants! 2) I Love you!?! You fucking dumbass! Here it is: 1-Suck 2-My 3-Cock!!!! THOSE THREE LITTLE WORDS!!!!! (full quote)
  I Love The Smell of Bridesmaids in the morning! (full quote)
  damn hose (full quote)