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Guys and Dolls - 1955 Movie Quotes

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  daddy, i've got cider in my ear! (full quote)
5221 1. Why can't we get married?!? 2. Because - becuase I gotta go to a prayer meeting! (full quote)
7715 Skye Masterson: I got alot more riding on this one than money... (full quote)
  I'd like to be a good guy and an even better gambler. Thank you. (full quote)
  luck be a lady tonight... luck be a lady tonight... (full quote)
  A person can develop a cough! (full quote)
20718 Sky Masterson to Nathan Detroit: My daddy told me, Son, someday a guy is going to walk up to you with a deck of cards on which the seal has not yet been broken. And he is going to offer to wager you that he can make the jack of spades jump out of this deck and squirt cider in your ear. But son, you will not take this bet, for as sure as you do, you will wind up with an ear full of cider (full quote)
  So sue me, sue me, shoot bullets through me... I love you... (full quote)
  Daddy, I have cider in my ear. (full quote)
  This dame has captured my attention...*moment later*..she has lost me. (full quote)
  Yeah sure Nathan, you can use my getaway car my..(looks around and sees a cop behind him)buick. (full quote)
  1)You know what today is? 2)what? 1)Mine and adelaide's 14th anniversary 2)really? 1)Yeah, we've been engaged for 14 years (full quote)
  -Then I never saw untill now how much in love with him you are. -I'll get over it. -Why would anyone want to get over the one thing you hope for from the minute you're born and remember untill the day you die. (full quote)
  When they get on a train for Niagra, and she can hear church bells chime, the compartment is air conditioned, and the mood sublime! Then they get off at Saratoga for the fourteenth time, a person can develop...a bad, bad cold! (full quote)
10929 I'll Know. (full quote)
10929 If I Were A Bell. (full quote)
10929 Take back Your Mink. (full quote)
10929 Luck Be A Lady. (full quote)
10929 Sue Me. (full quote)
JessHays For two weeks I gambled in green pastures. The dice were my cousins and the dolls were agreeable with nice teeth and no last names. (full quote)
JessHays H: I just acquired five thousand fish. N: Five thousand? If it can be told, where did you take on this fine bundle of lettuce? H: I have nothing to hide. I collected the reward on my father. B: It is an advantage to have a successful father. Nobody ever wanted my old man for as much as five hundred. (full quote)
  Adalaide: And what was that about? Nathan Detroit: His wife is having a baby. Adalaide: And why is he asking you?! Nathan Detroit: Its his first wife. (full quote)
  The heat is on (full quote)
10929 People miss planes. It happens. (full quote)
10929 No matter who you marry, you wake up married to someone else. (full quote)
5221 Well, that makes it necessary for me to stop in again. Matthew 5:39. Don't bother looking it up, it's the bit about the other cheek. (full quote)
7539 Everybody in the whole world who hates me is now here. (full quote)
  Sarah: A melody can have the same notes, but suddenly it's a different song. Sky: Again, please? Sarah: That song. Before it was all romantic and silly slush. But now it's playing inside of me, all true and honest. As if my heart were beating the drum. (full quote)
10929 Take back your mink from whence it came. (full quote)
  How goes it? Nicely nicely thank you! (full quote)
RachieAchie I have been running the crap game since I was a juvenile delinquent. (full quote)
10929 I have been running the crap game since I was a juvenile delinquent. (full quote)
gameboy20000 -Guess who is eating lunch in Mindy's right now! -Hitler. (full quote)
10929 I am quite partial to Mindy's cheesecake. (full quote)