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Billy Elliot - 2000 Movie Quotes

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  no son of mine will be doing friggen ballet (full quote)
4904 1. They used to say I could have been a proffesiobal ballet dancer if I'd had the trainin'. 2. Would you shutup!? (full quote)
4904 1. I used to go to ballet school. 2. See? 3. Yeah, for your nana. For girls, not for lads, Billy. (full quote)
4904 From now on you stay home and you look after your Nana, got it!? (full quote)
4904 1. Miss, you don't fancy me do you? 2. No, Billy. Oddly enough I don't. Now piss off. 1. Piss off yourself. (full quote)
4904 1. What about me boxing?! 2. Oh if you want to piss about with your little mits go on! 1. All righht, all right. Don't lose your blob. 2. Blob? (full quote)
4904 1. What's that? 2. It's a letter. 1. I can see it's a letter. 2. It's me mum's. She wrote it for when I was 18, but I opened it. (full quote)
4904 1. To my son Billy,I know I must seem like a distant memory to you. I will have missed you growin', missed you cryin'... 2. And I will have missed telling you off. But always know that I was always there with you through evrything. I always will be. Always be yourself. I love you forever. 1. Mom. (full quote)
4904 1. Lads do football, boxing, wrestling! Not friggin' ballet! 2. What lads do wrestling? 1. You're asking for a heating, son. 2. No I'm not. Honest. Some ballet dancers are as fit as athletes. (full quote)
4904 1. Aren't you a bit old miss? 2. Not me. You! I'm the bloody teacher! (full quote)
4904 Look, they're not interested in how much ballet you know. They teach you that. That's why they're a ballet school. It's how you move and how you express yourself that matters. (full quote)
  if I don't like it can I still come home? What?- We're renting out your room! (full quote)
  you don't even have a proper dancing hall! you're stuck in some crummy boxing hall! don't pick on me cos you've fucked up our own life! (full quote)
  you dont know! what do you know in your posh house with your husband that pisses himself?! (full quote)
  alrite alrite don't lose your blob! (hey ju) (full quote)
  If you want I can show you me fanny. (full quote)
11289 Just because I like ballet doesn't mean I'm a poof, you know. (full quote)
  I can show ya my fanny if you want me to (full quote)
  Debbie : ... yea cuz my dad slept with another woman but they don't think i know (full quote)
  Michael (whilst dressed as a woman) : Its ok my dad does it all the time, well wen he thinks no ones home (full quote)
11870 He did it!!! He fuckin' did it!!! (full quote)
  You're a fucking nutter, you (full quote)
  I don't want a childhood, I want to be a ballet dancer. (full quote)
8563 Just 'cause I like ballet doesn't mean I'm a poof, you know. (full quote)
8563 If Dad knew you smoked that stuff, he'd go mental. (full quote)
  1. Have you noticed anything odd about Billy lately? 2. What are you after, like a list? (full quote)
8563 Don't really miss her as such. It's more like just feelin' sad. Especially when I remember her all of a sudden. When I forgot that she was dead and that. What about your mam? Does she not have sex? (full quote)
8563 Look at them gloves, man. They went out with the ark. (full quote)
8563 Oh, no, not again. This is man-to-man combat, not a bloody tea dance. what're you doin', man? (full quote)
  1)i'll show you me fanny if you want 2)Nah, you're righ' (full quote)
  Right Mr. Braithwait the sun'll come out tomorrow. (aside) fat chance (full quote)