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Clockstoppers - 2001 Movie Quotes

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22841 [Dr. Dopler has written ''You Kill Me'' on the window.] Henry: How clever... [''Dirtbag'' appears on the spot under where ''You Kill Me'' is written.] Henry: ...and charming. Hello, Dr. Dopler. How are things in HyperTime? Dopler: ''How are things in HyperTime''?! LOOK AT ME MAN! (full quote)
22841 [Dr. Dopler is in a crisis with Gates and his two assistants.] Dopler: I'm still waiting on some data from a friend. Gates: A FRIEND?! Dopler: No--I mean--I mean we can trust this guy. I mean he's my college professor and if anyone can crack the math, it's gotta be him. Gates: What data did you send him? Dopler: Actually, I-I sent him a watch. Gates: YOU IDIOT!!! I WANT THAT WATCH BACK! (full quote)
22841 Dopler: GIMME THE WATCH! GIMME THE WATCH! GIMME THE WATCH BEFORE HOTTIE HERE GETS IT! [Francesca does a karate kick at Dopler.] YOU GOT IT WET!!! (full quote)
22841 [Francesca has kicked Dopler from inside garbage truck.] Dopler: You know what I don't like? GETTIN' KICKED IN THE HEAD!!!!!! [Closes door.] (full quote)
  1)I think we have to be touching each other for it to work 2)Every guy says that sooner or later (full quote)
  Meeker: You don't need a Suburu. what you need is the police. (full quote)
  Meeker: You don't need a Suburu. what you need is the police. (full quote)
37732 And what? Adjust me to death? (full quote)
37732 That's very funk-fliggity. (full quote)
10929 The minute I met you. (full quote)
10929 Never let you go. (full quote)
  Get over here, the kid is doing something freaky. (full quote)