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Rat Race - 2001 Movie Quotes

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  A Race! A Race! It's a Race!! (full quote)
  Did I come at a bad time??!!! (full quote)
  Hello, my name is enriquo. i know what you are thinking: that is a girl's name. no pun intended (full quote)
  Hello, my name is enriquo. i know what you are thinking: that is a girl's name. no pun intended (full quote)
  1:Have you seen this room? 2: yes, we're in it! (full quote)
  Girl: Dad I hafta use the bathroom. Dad: We just stopped you should've gone then. Girl: I really gotta go! Dad: Ok, Jason, get a jar. Mom: Girls can't go in jars. Dad: Ok, Jason, get a jar and a funnel. Girl: Dad! I hafta go number 2! Dad: Hold it! Girl: I'm prarie dogging! Dad: what the hell is prarie dogging? Jason: you know, when the prarie dog sticks its headin and out of the ground. Dad and Mom: ohh...Bad mental picture...I did not need to know that! (full quote)
  I can do anything I want! I'm eccentric! rrr rrr (full quote)
  Where did you get that? On the floor You can not use that! Why not? Because it's hitlers harmoncah So your driving his car? Yeah but im not getting his germs all over not suckin on the dash board! (full quote)
12000 eets a race!eets a race!I'm weening!I'm weening!...I am a weener! (full quote)
13706 WHERE THE HELL IS THE AIRport?! (full quote)
13706 afro whores. what? i did not watch afro whores! (full quote)
14145 what do you mean that's it?? I'm not giving up and neither are you and neither am I! (full quote)
14145 I am Enrico Palini. Now I know what you are thinking, Enrico is a girl's name. (no I wasn't) No pun intended. (full quote)
14145 Am I too late? Look! I won a coin. A gooold coin. Ahh isn't this wonderful? Look at this room. what a beautiful room. Have you seen this room? (yes! We're in it!) Ahhhh. (full quote)
14345 1)We're not crazy! 2)We didn't buy a squirrel and neither did you. 1)That's why we stole the rocket car! (full quote)
14345 I like your dyke--I mean bike! (full quote)
14345 1)Dad, I can't believe you stole Hitler's mercades bends! 2)Yeah, well, Hitler had it coming! what goes around comes around! (full quote)
14345 1)Dad, they're gonna be pissed. 2)Of course, honey. They're always pissed. They're NAZIS! (full quote)
14345 1)Oh look, a drifter. Let's kill him. (full quote)
14345 Now, let's cut to the chase--HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! CUT TO THE CHASE!!! HAHAHA! (everybody looks at him weird) Ah, you'll laugh later. (full quote)
14345 1)Now, I need your hat. 2)My hat? What for? 1)For her, uh...VAGINA! (full quote)
14345 1)I think we just killed him. 2)You can't kill him. It's impossible. He's like a cocaroach! (full quote)
14345 1)open it! 2)open it? I don't think we should-- 1)open IT!!! 2)Okay. (full quote)
14345 1)Who's next? 2)I was. 3)No, I was! I've been waiting for over 20 minutes-- 2)No, dude! I was next! 3)No you weren't! 2)Is that the correct time? (1 turns around and 4 punches 3 out) 1)Who's next? (full quote)
14345 1)Yeah, that's nice. Do you know where the interstate is? 2)Well, of course I do. I'm not retareded! Tell them about the shortcut! Oh, the shortcut! Thanks, Bucky! (full quote)
14345 Here's a bag of nuts. In case you see a squirrel. (full quote)
14345 You wanna buy a squirrel? (full quote)
14345 1)Dad! I'm prairie-doggin'! 2)what's that? 3)You know. When a prairie dog sticks his head in and out of the ground. 2)Oh. OH GOD!!! DID NOT WANT TO PICTURE THAT! (full quote)
14345 1)Dad, I have to go. 2)Go find an empty jar. 3)Girls don't pee in jars! 2)All right, all right. We need a jar and a funnel. (full quote)
14345 1)We need to pull over. I have to go. 2)There's a bathroom in the back. 1)Well, the door's broken. 2)It's all right. I mean there's nothing the other Lucy's don't have. 1(in a man's voice) Don't be too sure. 2)AHHHH!!!! (full quote)
14345 1)Forget it! These other diciples can do whatever they want with their share but I'm keeping mine! 2)Put the money in the bag, carrot! (full quote)
14345 1)I know what you're thinking. Enrico is a girl's name. 2)No, I wasn't. 1)No pun intended. 2)what pun is that? (full quote)
14345 1)Oh, look at these cock doggies. 2)They're COCKTAIL WEENIES! (full quote)
14345 1)We came in a rocket car. 2)That's nice! Why don't you tell us about it on the bus! (full quote)
  ~i need your hat. ~my hat? why my hat? for..uh.. uh.. for her... VAGINA! the hat! give me your hat!! (full quote)
  my name is rupaul (full quote)
  my name is rupaul. (full quote)
17629 -Hey! Where'd you get that? -It was on the seat. -You can't play that! -Why not? -Because it's HITLER'S harmonica! You can't play HITLER'S harmonica! -Why not? You're driving his car! -Yes but I'm not touching it with my mouth! I'm not sucking on the dashboard! I'm not getting his germs! (full quote)
17629 -Bev this is a real job I swear! -What is it? -What is what? -The job, what's the job? -Oh, INK...for fountain pens. -And they're in New Mexico? I love New Mexico! Honey! We'll go with you! -No! -Why not? -Because...uh we already paid for the room! Aha now who's wasting money! (~I'll have to get the rest...I can't remember it all right now!) (full quote)
  Girl: Look, I'm Mrs. Hitler (putting on makeup she found in Hitler's car) (full quote)
  (after losing a heart for a transplant) 1. I have lost my heart many times before, i make a joke so you forget how screwed you are (full quote)
  Ooh! I'm getting goose-pimples! (full quote)
  good things take time... great things happen all at once (full quote)
  Sadly...he was born without a personality (full quote)
  driver: Ican't believe it, i lost the heart. Enrico: Not to worry, I've lost my heart my heart many times (snorts) I make a joke, to help you forget how screwed you are (full quote)
  I think I'm touching it!! (full quote)
  We're HAULING ASS (full quote)
  Its true, you can break your neck. But its a risk Im willing to take. (full quote)
  We wode on a wocket ship. (full quote)
  [Sean and Charlene are in the pool,Tracy flies overhead yelling:]DID I COME AT A BAD TIME ASSHOLE?! (full quote)
  NICK: Can I buy you a drink? TRACY: I can't, I'm flying. NICK: So? It'll relax you. TRACY: No, I mean I'm flying. I'm a pilot. NICK: A pilot! Are there a lot of female pilots? TRACY: There's at least one. (full quote)
  DONALD SINCLAIR:Rip Van Winkle pulled it off! You've got to love a long shot! (full quote)
  (The busload of Lucys are starting to get on Owen's nerves) OWEN(to himself):Two million dollars...Two million dollars... (full quote)
  sg:ok, u walk accross the lobby, slip on the glass and let gravity do the rest. vv:i ud ake i eck sg: its true, you cud break your neck, but its a risk im willing to take. vv: y ont u uit? sg:becuz einstine, one of us neds to be the witness and one of us needs to be the victim. and wut kind of witness wud u make? im your own brother and i dont wut the hell your saying! by the way, hows your tongue, leet me see. vv:(opens moouth and shows tongue)ow uz it ook? sg:it looks much better. (full quote)
  It's a race, It's a race, I'm winning, I'm winning (full quote)
  I made a joke. I made a joke to help you forget how screwed you are (full quote)
  IM GOIN TO VIN!!!!!!!! (full quote)
  -How about a pit-stop? -Sorry, this is a one way flight. There's a bathroom in the back. -The latch is broken. Anyone could just walk right in. -So? Look, you ain't got nothin' these other Lucys haven't seen before. -Not necessarily. (full quote)
  -Wait - what's this $150? -Oh, those are your in-room movies. -Oh, I didn't watch any movies. -Let's see... Afro Whores. -Afro Whores? -It says you watched it... 11 times. -No, I didn't watch that. - 2:00 Afro Whores, 3:30 Afro Whores, 5:00 Afro Whores... It says in the morning you watched The Grinch for ten minutes, then switched back to Afro Whores. (full quote)
  Shutup you crazy Lucy bitches!!! (full quote)
  Honey, its two million dollars! that's like a year's supply of hummice! (full quote)
  1)I'm not a bus driver. 2)You musn't be so hard on yourself. 3)Hey everybody, who's the world's greatest bus driver? All)Owen! Owen! Owen! Owen! Owen! 1)Shut up...shut up...SHUT UP YOU CRAZY LUCY BITCHES, SHUT UP! (full quote)
  Look, I'm Mrs. Hitler! (full quote)
  S.S. men in the parking lot, not good, NOT good! (full quote)
  my english isnt very good...but im LEARNING (full quote)
  1. Wow! A barbie museum, can we stop? 2.) No 1.) No fair, we never go anywhere I wanna go 2.) Well, I'm sure your brother doesn't want to go to the Barbie Museum 3.) Are you kidding. I'll stop anywhere! (full quote)
  1. Wow! A barbie museum, can we stop? 2.) No 1.) No fair, we never go anywhere I wanna go 2.) Well, I'm sure your brother doesn't want to go to the Barbie Museum 3.) Are you kidding. I'll stop anywhere! (full quote)
  We should have bought a squirrel (full quote)
  We are zooming! (full quote)
  Little cock doggies. (full quote)
  Are you insane? This is Hitler's car! (full quote)
  I do not want to work at home DEPOT!! (full quote)
  Hey mister? Are you dead?? (full quote)
  My name is Enriquo Panini. I know what you are thinking- Enrique is a girls name. hukhuk. Oooo Cock doggies! (full quote)
  Enrico Pollini: Am I too late ? Look I won a coin, a gold coin! Oh, isn't this wonderful? Look at this room, what a beautiful room, have you seen this room? Randy Pear: Yes! We're in it! (full quote)
8217 what pun is that? (full quote)
8217 I'm your own brother and I can't understand what the hell youre saying! (full quote)
8217 I'm praerie-doggin'!!!! (full quote)
8217 Let's cut to the chase. *laughs* Don't worry,you'll laugh later. (full quote)
CarmiCrowe I love you! (full quote)
CarmiCrowe Honey, kids need ya. (full quote)
10929 Are you insane? This is Hitler's car. (full quote)
10929 Hitler had it coming. What goes around, comes around. (full quote)
10929 Are you insane? This is Hilter's car. (full quote)
13331 I make a joke, to help you forget how screwed you are. (full quote)
17952 Oh, yes I can Owen, I can do anything I like. I'm eccentric *grrrrowl* (full quote)
minedsquid I'm prairiedogging it (full quote)
HeiressOfSlytherin Look, I'm Mrs. Hitler! (full quote)
HeiressOfSlytherin [after Sinclair has told them repeatedly to 'go', to no avail] Merrill: So, when you say 'go', you mean, just go? Donald Sinclair: Uh, being, commence, start moving... theoretically you have been racing for about forty seconds now, and so far Mr. Schaffer is in the lead because he's nearest to the door. (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1- Why? #2- Because it's Hitler's harmonica. #1- You're driving his car. (full quote)
27700 1.Dad I can't believe you just stole Hitlers Mercedes Benz! 2. Ya well Hitler had it coming. (full quote)
27700 1)Daddy, I'm Praire Dogging it! 2) what does hat mean? 3) You know like when a praire dog sticks it's head in and out of the ground. 2) oh.OH! I do NOT WANT TO PICTURE THAT!! (full quote)
30583 It's a race...I hope I win! (full quote)
30583 1) Put that down. 2) Why? 1) Because it's Hitler's harmonica. 2) So, you're driving his car. 1) Yeah but I'm not touching it with my mouth. You don't see me sucking on the dashboard. (full quote)
32757 1) I don't know, it sounds like a scam. 2) (excited) Ooh, a scam! I love scams! (full quote)
34731 I can do anything I want, I'm eccentric! Rrrooa. (full quote)
34731 Are you leaving? (full quote)
45732 I'm prairie doggin'!!!! (full quote)