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Unfaithful - 2002 Movie Quotes

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10929 -I think this was a mistake. -There is no such thing as a mistake. There are things you do and things you don't do. (full quote)
10929 Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. (full quote)
10929 -Edward...did you hurt him? You did, didn't you? Jesus, Edward. Talk to me. Tell me what you did. -No. You tell me what you did! (full quote)
24986 The wind knocked me down like an old lady (full quote)
24986 Come back if you need more books or...medical attention. (full quote)
24986 1) what are we doing here? 2) We're having lunch 3) I shouldn't be doing this... 4) You shouldn't be having lunch? 5) Not with you... (full quote)
24986 I want you to follow my wife. I want to know...I want the truth... (full quote)
24986 1) There was this nice guy that helped me 2)Is he good looking? (full quote)
24986 1) your eyes are amazing. You should never shut them...not even at night. 2) I'll try and remember that (full quote)
24986 Tell you what, if the guy in the right pays, we If the guy on the left pays, we stay.....and I kiss you... (full quote)
24986 1) They go to the movies? 2) They did on that day. Otherwise they're in his apartment. (full quote)
24986 Family?! Don't talk to me about 'family'! Why don't you take a goddamn good look at your family. Take a fucking good look at that! (full quote)
29417 I didn't want to kill him, I wanted to kill you. (full quote)
29939 1) God, she looks good. Do you think she's had work? 2) Who cares if she's had it, she looks great 3) Well that's when they're doing it now, before it all goes to shit. (full quote)
30763 There are no mistakes, there’s things we do, and don’t do. (full quote)
29939 1) Having an affair is not like taking a pottery class! 2) Could be... 3) No, it would start that way...but then somebody finds out or somebody falls in love and...that always ends disastrously...they always end disastrously... (full quote)
29939 The band-aids are in the medicine cabinet. You can sneak a look at my prescription (full quote)
29939 1) Did you get his name? We could send him a bottle of wine. A cheap wine. (full quote)
29939 1) Did you just fucked me across the street? 2) Uh-huh, I did 3) You know if we end this now no one would get hurt. 4) If we end this now, I'd get hurt... (full quote)
29939 1) Hey Ed, you wanted to talk to me? Sounded important 2) I heard you've been talking to some people, Graybar & Brinks...a few other companies. 3) Oh yeah, where did you hear that? Oh I... I...guess you could say that they're...'wooing' me if that's what you mean...? 3) Apparently a lot of people are 'wooing' you these days. Or who's wooing who? 4) Hey, hey... what are you trying to say here, I talked to some people so what? 5) This is about loyalty, Bill! I'm letting you go. You can have my recommendation if you need it. 6) I have a family, Ed! 7) You had a family here 8) Oh wait, you're talking to me about 'family'?! Well you don't know the first thing about it! Why don't you take a look at your own fucking family, Ed! Take a goddamn look at that! (full quote)
29939 listen, that's me up there, the flower pot...I'll get you a band-aid. Hold on to something, don't blow away. Or you can come up and clean it off, no? C'mon...I'm not an axe murderer, I promise. (full quote)
29939 1) How many are there...five...ten? what am I, the Tuesday one, did I get my day wrong? 2) She is just a friend! 3) You're a fucking liar! 4) Oh me? I'm the liar?! (full quote)
29939 (Ed) I fired Bill Stump today (Connie) So that's what's bothering you (Ed) Nothing is bothering me! (Connie) Why did you fire him? (Ed) He's not accountable- (Charlie) What's 'accountable'? Is it people who eats people? (full quote)
8563 So, what should we bring aside from our sparkling personalities? (full quote)
8563 You're driving me bonkers, Mom. (full quote)
8563 Having an affair is nothing like taking a pottery class. (full quote)
37887 You take me to the best places. (full quote)
  I want you to fuck me. (full quote)
  There's no such thing as a mistake, there's what you do and what you don't do. (full quote)