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61* - 2001 Movie Quotes

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14429 The seperate single season homerun records remained until 1991. Roger Maris died 6 years earlier, never knowing the record belonged to him. (full quote)
CarmiCrowe 1) are we fueding? 2) yeah, I guess so. its on TV. 1) well, fuck you then. 2) up yours. (full quote)
  I bet I got more pussy than he did. (full quote)
  (roger) see bob it looks like some one likes my eggs. ( Mivkey) No there shit, but I've been in a slump lately. (full quote)
  i like women with small hands, they make my dick look bigger (full quote)
30612 Why is it they only have room in their hearts for one hero? (full quote)
30612 (after teammate hits a homerun) What happened? I was in the john. (full quote)
  come on mick have a drink, have a drink . tough town not to have fun in. (full quote)
38602 Mantle: Ruth this, Ruth that, hell we're playing in his house...The Fat Fuck he's everywhere (full quote)
  You're not balding, you're just moulting.... (full quote)
10929 Dream lover. (full quote)
  Reporter 1: It can't be done. Reporter 2: Greenberg hit 58 with one week left in the season. and he couldn't do it. Reporter 1: That's not true, they just wouldn't pitch to him because he was a Jew. (full quote)
  Whether you like it or not,you are bigger than the game. (full quote)
  This is your one shot. You got to go out there and show them what you are made of. (full quote)