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Bogus Witch Project, The - 2000 Movie Quotes

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crowecat A special sorry to my last boyfriend Carl, who I cheated on 7 times without him knowing. But if he really cared he would've seen the clues. God, I have a lot to be sorry for. (full quote)
crowecat [Part of lawyer's ad]I was held in a hole by a gibbering man-child who fed me my own feet. I sued and I won big. Thanks, Ted. (full quote)
crowecat [part of a lawyer's ad]I was part of a class action suit of the makers of slimy alien pods. They did a number on my anus and now they're paying through the ass. Thank you, Ted McKinsey. You're out of this world. (full quote)
crowecat (1)Shut up, just shut the fuck up. You couple of fuck-ups, you're totally fucking fucked(2)You sure use profanity a lot. Do you have tourette syndrome? (1)Fuck you! (full quote)
crowecat [Drunk guy] You sound retarded. First slate. We should all piss on it, man. Just fuckin' piss on the slate, man and shit on it and stuff. That'd be fuckin' awesome, man. (full quote)