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CB4 (Cell Block 4) Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
11870 Straight Lo cash. A crazy mutha fucka named Gusto (full quote)
11870 I'm black ya'll. I'm Black ya'll. I'm blicky Black black black. I'm black ya'll. (full quote)
14323 AY, I KNOW what YOU WANT, YOU THE BIG DICK, AH YA BABY! (full quote)
  Now how in the a BLACK man..gonna invent ICE hot ass Africa...TELL ME THAT! (full quote)
  am going around using nigger like it's my last name. (full quote)
  no niggah now turn around and eat your big ass biscuit. (full quote)
  yeah yeah im lickin yo balls, yeah you got big balls. you got king kong balls. I dont know you got big balls . . . damn I hate this job! (full quote)
  Yo white, you need to chill on the blow blab blow (full quote)
  I didnt do it just because i had the cash doesnt mean i stabbed his ass i didnt do it just because his blood was one my hand doesnt mean i stabbed the man i didnt do it (full quote)
  I f'd your mutha and I f'd your cat. I'd f' your sista but the bitch is too fat (full quote)
  womaen bitches ho's, people with pussy. pussy for every one (full quote)
  women bitches ho's, people with pussy. pussy for every one (full quote)