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Hairy Bird, The Movie Quotes

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13570 UP your ZIGGY WITH A WA WA BRUSH!! (full quote)
  None of your flopping bunnies! (full quote)
  no more little white gloves (full quote)
  They're not earrings, they're office supplies........ (full quote)
  I want to Wretch and die! (full quote)
  Push up the tits, blitz the zits, spray the pits (full quote)
FireTiger None of your floppin' bunnies! (full quote)
FireTiger You want to lie on your back with your legs in the air like a bug?! (full quote)
FireTiger She greets guys with open legs (full quote)
  abbie sayer when u are at the top there are always ppl who want to bing u down , so u just put up ur head and say poo! (full quote)
  masterly (full quote)
  im im conarad , or u can call me connie , or daranoc , my name backwards... come on cockwreack (full quote)
  (girl is wearing paperclips from her ears) Girl 1- Take that jewellery off at once! Girl 2- its not jewellery, its office supplies! (full quote)
  Possum-She's not coming back Snake, she's ditched you. Beagle-Dead on the road. Snake-But, she kissed me. Possum-Girls get very kissy. (full quote)
  Snake: Tinka in my arms I must be dreaming...pinch me I'll show you where. (full quote)
  Abbie (to Conrad):um excuse me but did my date run of with your date. Conrad: YOU PUT your WHOLE DATE IN! (full quote)
  Tinka: I don't even know you we havn't been introduced. Snake: Is that how people fall in love in your world, they get introduced, how sad, how tragic people like that are (ALL TOGETHER) FLAT CRITTERS. (full quote)
  Abbie: your all just a bunch of...Doody heads. (full quote)
  Dennis: Maybe we could get it in with a spoon (full quote)
  Sanke: Tinka your so pretty I could eat your teeth. (full quote)
  Vereena: Good night tinka Tinka: Good night Vereena Vereena: Good night Dennis Tinka: oh dennis harder deeper oh oh. (full quote)
  Tinka kisses snake. boys in background: Shes sucking his face off. (full quote)
42288 Up your ziggy with a wah wah brush! (full quote)