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Run, Ronnie, Run - 2001 Movie Quotes

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  hint 1:ronnie dobs ronnie dobs. hint 2: whats up chow chow? hint 1: im sad. the doctor say i need specila shoes for my fat feet, so i can be like a normal kid and run and PLAY! (full quote)
12674 1.) Uncle Ronnie, Uncle Ronnie! I got my special shoes! 2.) I don't give a goddamn. (full quote)
joseystar hey now baby, don't flip your bitch switch (full quote)
38640 'Cause it's personal, and romantisized. (full quote)
38640 What? Go to the faggot store and buy yourself a new moustache? (full quote)
38640 Oh just the bitch I've been fucking. Jealous much? (full quote)
38640 ...and I'm going to find the guy who makes them there special shoes, and pay him NOT to make special shoes. (full quote)
38640 No man, I was here first. They all just build this home up around me. (full quote)
38640 I'm the principal! (full quote)
38640 I'm gonna stick my penis, in your thoughtful vagina... (full quote)
12674 1.) My name is Terry and I'm from Hollywood. Ronnie, you are not like other men. You've got something, something special, and I want it badly. I want to be the man behind the man! I realize I'm coming all over you here, but it's been building up inside of me for weeks, and I can't control myself. Listen, sir, let me show what you've got inside of you, what could be inside of you if you'd just give me the tinist hole of opportunity. We can go back to your place right now, and I'll pack your shit! 2.) Help! Police! Him! (full quote)
  YOU get down from THERE (full quote)
  You Put down the Goat.... (full quote)
  I can think of another pair I'd like to grab, my balls. (full quote)
  damn bitch you fucked it up! (full quote)
  hey little ronnie...hey littler ronnie...hey little little ronnie (full quote)
  I'm slippery aint i? Boo-Ya! (full quote)
  I'm slippery ain't I? Boo-Ya! (full quote)